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Stop “Cutting to the Chase”
It started in early films.Movies, especially comedies, usually ended in an entertaining chase.Directors would sometimes pad their films with too much dialogue leading the audience to think, "cut to the chase."The phrase has come to mean, "Just get to the point."While a timesaver in conversation, it can rob you of a deeper understanding of your c...
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Event Planners Unleashed! - Chip Bell
"Sir, we can do anything!" These strong words were the front desk clerk's response to my "I have a special request." Before he even heard my plea, he gave me a full-frontal view of the Ritz-Carlton hotel attitude.Since it was a few days before the Christmas holidays, I am sure he had been repeatedly bombarded with way too many "May I's" and "Can...
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From the Other Side of the Lectern
Keynote speakers are an odd lot. Most of us have egos the size of Texas and quirky requirements that can drive a meeting planner absolutely nuts. Our superstitions about how to get a standing ovation may outnumber the attendees in your audience. We can be as finicky as rock stars and as unpredictable as teenagers. We can't be controlled, but we ...
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