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Technology, Change and Thinking Outside the Box: Who Does It Best and How
Technology represents a vital source of competitive advantage, and technological change is accelerating at a mind-boggling pace. Yet, the more you introduce technology into the workplace, the more you need to emphasize and enhance human creativity. Technology can enable but it cannot create....
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Peak Performance 2004, 2005 and Beyond: Building Best Practices and High-Performing Teams
Industry leader status demands a team-based approach and remarkable management/employee partnership. Dr. Garfield offers an action plan of ¡best practices¡ consisting of the ten points necessary for achieving top performance in the modern workplace. Included are leading edge approaches to...
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Second to None: The Productive Power of Putting People First
Rapid growth, globalization and downsizings along with change initiatives such as restructuring and redesign have challenged executives, managers and employees to do more with less, better and faster. Viewing change as an "ally not an adversary" is key to sustaining the pursuit of top superior...
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A Higher Standard of Leadership: The 21st Century Manager
Many of us who swam with the sharks and studied the management approaches of Attila the Hun are looking for more positive and inspiring role models for effective leadership. We are learning that we can redesign organizations but we can't redesign people. The pendulum is swinging back to a model...
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Competing for the Present: One-to-One Marketing, Speed and Superior Service
Today's smartest organizations create customer-inspired operations by using innovative, cost-effective technology and building enduring partnerships with employees, customers, suppliers and distributors all on a one-to-one basis.
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