Chad Robichaux | Force Recon Marine, Pro MMA Champion, Author, Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation

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Chad Robichaux

Force Recon Marine, Pro MMA Champion, Author, Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation

Chad Robichaux

Chad Robichaux has lived an extraordinary life.  A former Force Recon Marine, JSOC operator, Federal Agent and professional MMA champion, Chad has overcome incredible challenges and found success in a wide range of fields, from entrepreneurship to non-profit advocacy.  But perhaps most importantly, Chad has dedicated his life to helping others overcome challenges and find a renewed sense of purpose.

Chad's journey began in the special operations community, where he served on eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force.  During his time in the military, he witnessed firsthand the toll that war can take on those who serve and found himself adrift, unsure of what to do next after struggling with PTSd.

Although outwardly successful as a BJJ black belt and pro MMA fighter, Chad found himself feeling purposeless and nearly became a veteran suicide statistic.  It was during this difficult period that Chad found restoration through his faith in becoming a Christian, which offered him a renewed sense of purpose and direction, opening a new chapter in his life.

With a deep burden to pay it forward, Chad founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation in 2011, which has become a leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping active duty, military veterans, first responders and their families overcome the difficulties of their service.  Mighty Oaks Foundation has served over 500,000 Warriors around the world, helping them to find healing and hope through their highly successful faith-based trauma and resiliency programs.

As a speaker, Chad draws upon his personal experiences to deliver powerful messages on leadership, resiliency, courage and faith.  He is a sought-after keynote speaker for corporate events, non-profit organizations, and faith-based groups, and has inspired audiences around the world with his authentic and relatable style.  Chad's message is simple: no matter what challenges you face, there is always hope for a purposeful future.  Through faith, hard work, determination, and collaboration, anything is possible.

Chad is a current 4th degree BJJ black belt under Carlson Gracie Jr., the current Brand Ambassador for Smith & Wesson firearms and the author of multiple books, including “Saving Aziz,” which outlines his heroic, life-saving mission to rescue his Afghan interpreter and 17,000 others from Afghanistan in 2021 (which is being made into a major motion picture), and "An Unfair Advantage," which details his personal journey and offers practical advice for veterans and others struggling with PTSD and other forms of trauma.  Chad is also featured in documentaries Never Fight Alone, Send Me, Escape from Afghanistan, and a short testimonial film by I Am Second.

In short, Chad Robichaux has lived an extraordinary life and has dedicated himself to helping others find healing and hope.  As a speaker, he is a powerful and inspiring voice, and one whose message is sure to resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and experiences.  

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Corporate Leadership

Chad Robichaux is an exceptional candidate as a corporate speaker, drawing from his extensive leadership experience, combat prowess, and remarkable track record of success.  As a former leader in Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), he honed his leadership skills in some of the most challenging and high-stakes environments.  Having led hundreds of successful combat operations in Afghanistan, Robichaux understands the importance of strategic thinking, adaptability, and effective teamwork.  Moreover, as the founder and CEO of the Mighty Oaks Foundation (MOF), a highly successful non-profit organization, he has demonstrated his ability to navigate the complex world of philanthropy while making a tangible impact on the lives of veterans and their families.  Additionally, his leadership extends beyond MOF, as he has founded several other successful non-profit organizations.  Robichaux's exceptional leadership qualities shine through in his involvement in multiple rescue efforts, such as coordinating Afghanistan evacuations and facilitating numerous evacuations in Ukraine.  His ability to swiftly raise millions of dollars to address critical needs and take decisive action when the government fell short highlights his commitment to doing what is right.  Overall, Chad Robichaux's rich background, coupled with his innate ability to inspire and mobilize others, make him an exceptional choice as a corporate speaker who can instill values of leadership, resilience, and ethical decision-making within any organization.

Get Off the ‘X’

In "Get Off the X," Chad shares his personal story of overcoming trauma and finding purpose.  He talks about how he struggled with PTSd and suicidal ideations after serving in the military and witnessing horrific events.  But he never gave up, and through his faith, he found the strength to get off the "X" – a military term for being in the kill zone or ambush site.

Chad encourages audiences to take action in their own lives, to face their fears, and to seek help if they need it.  He emphasizes that everyone has a purpose in life, and that by trusting in God and stepping out of our comfort zones, we can discover our own unique mission.

Ultimately, Chad's message is one of hope and empowerment, reminding us that no matter what we've been through, we can rise above it and make a positive impact on the world.  By getting off the "X" and taking control of our lives, we can find meaning and purpose in even the darkest of circumstances.

Fear Not

In "Fear Not," Chad delivers a message of hope and courage rooted in biblical teachings. He draws upon passages such as Isaiah 41:10 and 2 Timothy 1:7 to remind audiences that God is with us in times of fear and uncertainty. Chad emphasizes that fear is a natural response, but we can choose to overcome it by placing our trust in God and focusing on our faith. He encourages us to cultivate a positive mindset and take action in the face of our fears, knowing that God is with us every step of the way. Ultimately, Chad's message is one of empowerment, reminding us that we can face life's challenges with courage and confidence, knowing that we are never alone.

The Warrior Within

In "The Warrior Within," Chad draws upon his experiences as a former Force Recon Marine, veteran advocate, and humanitarian to deliver a message that is rooted in faith and biblical teachings. He emphasizes that we all have a "warrior" within us, as it says in Ephesians 6:10-18, and that this warrior is not just physical, but spiritual as well.

Chad encourages audiences to cultivate discipline and resilience, just like the soldiers in 2 Timothy 2:3, and to find their purpose in Christ. He reminds us that we are not alone in our battles, as God is always with us, fighting for us and providing us with the strength we need to overcome any obstacle.

Ultimately, Chad's message is one of empowerment through faith, reminding us that we have the power to tap into our spiritual warrior within and face life's challenges with courage and determination. By trusting in God and embracing our inner warrior, we can live a life of purpose and make a positive impact on the world.

Chad Robichaux
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Chad Robichaux

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