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Chad Robichaux

Force Recon Marine, Pro MMA Champion, Author, Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation

About Chad Robichaux

Chad is a former Force Recon Marine and DoD Contractor with eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force. After overcoming his personal battles with PTSd and nearly becoming a veteran suicide statistic, Chad founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation, a leading non-profit, serving the active duty, military veteran and first responder communities around the world with highly successful faith-based combat trauma and resiliency programs. Having spoken to ...

Thank you for sharing your incredible story I extend my personal gratitude to you for your distinguished and steadfast service to our country.

President Donald J. Trump - 45th President of the United States

Chad used his compelling story to draw us in and then point to the power of the Gospel. What a powerful testimony.

David Nasser, Senior VP of Spiritual Development - Liberty University

With disarming honesty and faith, Chad and Kathy Robichaux have shared their story here in Brentwood. And God has used their story to rekindle faith and hope in weary hearts, and rekindle love in tired marriages.

Pastor Dave Mason - Brentwood Neighborhood Church (Brentwood, CA)
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