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"Brilliant!" That was my first reaction to Godonomics, a truly brilliant breakdown of what the Bible says about the economy. Chad explains why the Bible is a living and relevant road map for people.
Governor Mike Huckabee
This guy is Awesome, you gotta get his stuff!
Glenn Beck - Radio and TV Host
Chad is one of the most creative and faithful people I know. He has a way of taking complex and intimidating topics and making them not only understandable, but also doable.
Brian Tome, Senior Pastor - Crossroads Community Church of ~15,000
Simple enough to teach kids--researched enough for the Wall Street Journal. GODONOMICS is a must-see if you care about your country
Congressman Bob McEwen - (Six Time Congressman and Free Market Lecturer)
I am continually impressed with Chad Hovind's ability to make the Bible and its teaching applicable and relevant. He combines humor, philosophy, personal stories, and up-to-date research in everything he does.
Dr. Henry Heimlich - Physician and Inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver
God has blessed Chad with some wonderful communication gifts, creativity and a sharp mind. He stewards tMr.hose with deep humility and reliance on God.
Cal Rychner, Senior Pastor - Northwoods Community Church of ~4,000
GODONOMICS takes us back to the source and the reason for our wealth to help us understand economics: God Himself. You will come away understanding money better, God better, and understanding better why money makes such a lousy god. I recommend it.
R.C. Sproul, Jr.
Chad Hovind is sharp, bold, courageous, and "gets it." GODONOMICS is superbly done!
Jim Garlow, Lead Pastor - Skyline Church of ~5,000