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Doing More with Teams: The New Way to Winning
There is something about teams that expands our experience of being human. Teams are more powerful than even the most brilliant individual. They extend our wings in very practical, pragmatic, and measurable ways. And when done right, this experience of teams makes all of us feel more humane, more...
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Doing More with Less: The New Way to Wealth
In a smaller more globalized world, what proves enough? Enough for your firm, in your nest egg, in your personal positioning for the near future? In an effort to better understand money and power in a globe bursting with seven billion people, this talk reflects on the importance of answering this...
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Financial Management Today: The Art of Competitive Frugality
Here, Piasecki explains the principles by which he has served over 100 multinationals, making them more competitive. What are the skills that matter in the near future and how can these skills be learned? He has worked for Toyota on their hybrid power train; with Warren Buffett’s Shaw Industries...
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Self-Awareness and the Global Consumer
First stimulated by an interview before 150 nations by the BBC, this talk explores why Americans are aware that they consume a fourth of the world’s resources as they create almost a third of the world’s wealth. What is wealth creation in this context? And can we make wealth in an even more...
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Competing on Sustainability
In an overcrowded, carbon-constrained world, there is simply less to go around. Everything must go further, thus it must be used more frugally and wisely. Organizations that win will be those making decisions that take into account issues like urbanization, climate change, decreasing energy...
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Emerging Corporate Risks
We operate in a global theatre of risks. Before we can mitigate and minimize them we must first understand how emerging issues like water scarcity, climate change, bio-fuels, energy distribution, social response, and avian flu may impact our organizations. In this talk, Piasecki delves into these...
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Delivering on the Bottom Line
Piasecki is known for his insights into a phenomenon he calls “social response capitalism.” Essentially, he explains, the world will more and more look to corporations rather than government to solve problems. Yet even as we center our competitiveness and position our products and services around...
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Earning Respect, Understanding Reputation
As competitors on the global stage we know winning is important. What we may not realize is that how we play is even more important. Consistently fair competition—which we balance between preparations, energy, resources, and a sense of the situation with our actions—is what earns us the long-term...
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