Bronwyn Saglimbeni | Communication Coach, Speaker, Writer, Podcast Host

Bronwyn Saglimbeni

Communication Coach, Speaker, Writer, Podcast Host

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Bronwyn Saglimbeni
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Voice, Authenticity, & Leadership
How to Bring Your Best Self Forward

“Just be yourself!” We’ve all been on the receiving end of that annoying piece of advice, usually just before a big presentation or job interview. On one level, it’s true— the best communicators make you feel like you know them. But when we're told to just be"ourselves," it begs the question: which “self” are we talking about? We show the world different versions of ourselves, depending on the situation. And how do you make your
“public” self as comfortable as your “private” self? This workshop gets at the heart of who you are on camera, or in front of the room, and offers practical techniques for bringing forward your best Self, while dismantling the communication habits that hold you back.

Energy Management & the New Normal

Remember when we thought life was stressful pre-pandemic? The truth is, we were already running on empty before the pandemic hit, and things have only gotten more “interesting”with each passing day, and every new headline. The good news is, we have an opportunity to become more intentional about how we manage our own energy reserves, and how to consciously call forward our best Selves … not just after that first cup of coffee, but all day long. In this workshop, Bronwyn offers a framework for actively managing energy—calling each of us out of survival mode, and into a space of power, presence, and connection.

Additional Speaking Topics

● Show-stopping Storytelling Skills
● How to Give (and Receive) Tough Feedback
● Communication Tips for Effective Email Writing
● Healthy Boundary Setting with Tough Personalities

How to Bring Forward Your Best Self

For more than 20 years, guest keynote Bronwyn Saglimbeni has helped rising celebrities, industry leaders and executives in Fortune 100 companies realize their full potential as communicators.

At CommunityLIVE, she’ll discuss how to bring forward your best self on camera in her signature thought-provoking, motivational style. Bronwyn is here to provide us with practical tips and techniques for helping us bring forward our truest and most powerful selves in a rising virtual work environment.

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Bronwyn Saglimbeni

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