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Bob Davies

For more than 18 years, Bob Davies has been helping people to break through emotional gridlock, overcome fears, procrastination, and have the results in their lives that they have always dreamed of.

Bob's personal story of rising from poverty to prosperity, and his experience as an athlete and coach, uniquely qualifies him as an undisputed expert in the arena of high performance and extraordinary human achievement.

You will learn inside secrets of elite performers, enabling you to make more money, become healthier, and have more fulfilling relationships.

The high impact of Bob's program will keep you on the edge of your seat with a renewed sense of purpose, passion, and hope.

Bob is a former football coach at Cal State Fullerton, where his techniques helped an average football team to win two conference championships. He is the former coach of an Olympic Gold medal winner with Hodgkins disease who overcame his illness to win a gold in the 1984 Olympics.

Bob is the author of two books, "The Sky Is Not The Limit-You Are!", and "Coaching For High Performance", as well as several audio and video cassette programs.

Bob has a BS in Health from Rutgers University, and a M.Ed in Psychology from Springfield College. He holds the highest certification of professional personal and business coaches, Master Certified Coach. He is a skydiver, pilot, parent, and husband, and uses these experiences to help you to get on track, laser focused, and in action towards living your dreams!

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The Sky Is Not The Limit - You Are!

This is a high energy, fun, and visual journey into the inner workings of the minds of elite performers. Once an audience understands what separates hopes and dreams from reality, there will be no stopping them.

Bob has cracked the code on dealing with fear. When you take fear away, there is nothing stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

Your audience will be energized and cheer wildly with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality as they finally realize how they can now get themselves to do what they have always wanted to do. They will go from hope to reality. This results in improved health, increased income and more fulfilling relationships.

The audience will experience a wide range of emotions as they go from laughter to silence, sitting on the edge of their chairs, hanging on each word of the stories of ordinary people who have applied these principles and accomplished beyond their beliefs!

Your audience also will experience the power of this program by making one commitment to action over the next seven days, and by being held accountable they will accomplish their promise.

They will have the tools necessary to improve their business, health, and personal lives long after the session has ended. Your group will stop making excuses and start using the proven system of elite performers.

The 1.2% Factor

In this keynote, Bob Davies explains his methodology in an exciting conversation that engages the audience with a simple yet profound set of actionable ways to reach their health, business and personal goals. By developing a mental capacity for enhanced performance, Bob's audience will realize that his innovative techniques can be used to achieve their personal and financial goals.

Mr. Davies will reveal how certain aspects of human nature inhibit performance. The audience will then be able to implement these lessons both for themselves and for others as a system of specific declarations and accountability resulting in elite performance and the ability to achieve declared goals. By learning from Mr. Davies' experience of overcoming fear, the audience will be able to identify and overcome the obstacles that presently stand in the way of success in sales and in life.

In order to illustrate the importance of overcoming fear, Mr. Davies makes use of metaphors and participatory exercises to help the audience understand his points. These activities place participants outside of their comfort zones, and help to illustrate an important point: People will not consistently do what they don't feel like doing. This will instantly help your audience understand the dynamic of reluctance that causes a profound insight - their own brains are holding them back from achieving results. This lesson will serve as a lasting reminder of the negative impact of internal self-talk.

Our internal dialogue is our biggest competitor, and overcoming our fears depends on accepting four core principles:

Living With Integrity - I do what I say I will do
The Interdependence of Synergy - I'm far better off as part of a team than can be by myself
Accountability - I am the source of all that I experience
Service - I am committed to and am of service to others
The benefits of this program are practically limitless! Whether your audience is looking to succeed personally or professionally, Bob Davies will teach them the tools they need to create the habits they need to have to reach their goals.

The Manager as a Coach

After graduating from Rutgers University, Mr. Davies used his passion for athletics and motivation to coach high school football for two years. His expertise earned him a position as the head football and wrestling coach as the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), and later as an assistant coach of the California State University Fullerton (CSUF) football team. By utilizing the research of Nobel-Prize winning Neurophysiologist Roger Sperry, Mr. Davies crafted a coaching method that would later help lead his team to two conference championships.

Initially, Bob was confused as to why his presentations were so new for his audiences. People from all experience levels responded to Bob's programs as if they were new and unique information. It was then that Bob came to a realization: Of all the football coaches and scientists who were part of this research, Bob was the only speaker. Although the colleagues who helped develop this process have gone on to achieve great success in their fields, Bob is the only one who has taken his scientifically-based information to the public.

His "Manager As a Coach" keynote describes coaching as a relationship that fosters discovery, self-learning, and accountability. Although this is a stand alone program, it builds on the information and lessons learned in Keynote 1. Bob teaches his audience to use their newly discovered skills to become effective leaders and coaches. Bob engages with the audience and shows them how to ask effective, powerful questions that reveal previously untapped insights and capabilities.

Mr. Davies will also give the audience three specific coaching skills that will instantly and dramatically improve their ability to have an impact in coaching themselves and other people. This unique and innovative approach is unlike anything even the most experienced coach, manager or salesperson has ever seen. After a 30-minute intensive lecture and a 60-minute engaging interactive session, Bob's audience will leave the event with the expert competency of a seasoned coach, allowing them to lead themselves, and others, toward achieving their goals.

Entertainment Through Hypnosis

Bob Davies uses his hypnosis demonstration to illustrate his concepts on human perception. The real stars of his show, however, are the audience volunteers who come up on stage to be hypnotized.

Bob's hypnosis presentation is unlike any stage entertainment using hypnosis you may be familiar with. He doesn't have anyone do anything embarrassing. It's a professional demonstration that highlights how perception actually works to influence an individuals' beliefs and actions. Every suggestion that he gives to the volunteers is a demonstration and explanation of a concept that has been taught. The entire audience will have a chance to experience the power of their own thoughts in this program.

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