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Chief Storytelling Officer of IDEAS

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Bob Allen
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Zennovation-The Power of the Net Present Moment

Innovation has been pigeonholed as the province of inventors and technologists, designers, artists and any number of organizational gurus and it’s in the news everyday. The U.S. is “losing” it, India and China are “growing” it and every company seems to be searching for it. But what really is “IT”? In this presentation, Bob Allen, a 25 year Disney veteran, Zen teacher, Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of the Innovation Studio called i.d.e.a.s., (Innovation, Design, Entertainment, Art and Storytelling) answers that critical question and demonstrates that innovation is owned by every person in an enterprise through a collection of stories, real cases and interaction with the audience. Beyond a working and useful definition of innovation and its behavioral components, Bob works with the audience to uncover the innovative potential in ANY organization.


Far from what is advanced in a lot of “New Age” hyperbole, storying is a practical, feet-on-the-ground discipline as useful and critical a leadership skill as finance, marketing, sales and operations. Stories, it turns out, are how the human brain constructs reality. They are so powerful that recent studies have proven that the brain doesn’t discriminate between stories and “reality”. The root of how we create what we experience as “The Universe” is in the stories we tell ourselves and others. Storying-the process of becoming conscious of the stories we live in and then beginning to be the deliberate “teller” of those stories-is an immensely powerful practice in organizations. This relaxed and entertaining presentation focuses on how “Storying” an organization can be achieved.

Through the telling of stories-fictional and factual, Bob Allen, Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of the innovative, multi-faceted studio called i.d.e.a.s., explores the native storytelling ability we all have and how we can bring it forward as a powerful tool.

Bob Allen - How the future works today!

Whether you are state governor’s office, a local school board, a state workforce or economic development organization, an independent school district or a military command, Bob's designs custom speeches and workshops to answer your challenges, your opportunities, your barriers, your objectives and your dreams. Bob speaks for audinces nine to ninety years of age and will:

• Show you the transformative nature of stories deeply rooted in how humans learn

• “Play-out” compelling futures to develop teams and momentum forward on strategic initiatives and goals

• Help you discover your organizational and/or personal leadership story and how it shapes your future

• Deliver workshops to motivate stakeholders to collaboratively design the future by leaping the story-action gap

• Move you to “Storying” your organization, team or initiative to achieve goals and objectives in a practical and human way that is as critical to leadership as emotional intelligence, organizational development, soft skills and operational experience

• Teach you authentic storytelling and the process of becoming conscious of the stories you live in and then transition you to deliberate storytelling to shape your life, your community and the world

• Teach you how to apply principles of Zen so that you can find the “innovation imperative” in your life, act in the “net-present moment,” learn the “doctrine of radical acceptance,” and understand the relationship between love, openness, purpose and the “art of innovation”

• Invent, create, build, design, model, entertain, and story your world today using the i.d.e.a.s.™ signature innovation process—StoryJam™

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Bob Allen

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