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How to Get Your Customers to Choose You First

Over 90% of customer behavior is unconscious. Understanding the unconscious psychological motivations of customer behavior is the crucial key to achieving greater market share, improved organizational efficiency, and increased profits. Delving into the nuances of human nature makes it possible to predict, with a high degree of certainty, how customers will react to new products, marketing initiatives, and more. This results in significant organizational efficiency, boosting a company’s visibility and market share, and enhancing overall profitability. The ability to predict consumer behavior is what differentiates dominant organizations from the rest of their industry.

Using his company’s proprietary research methods and insights into consumer psychology, BJ illuminates the strategic competitive advantage that comes from a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s best customers.

The Seven Golden Rules of Cult Branding

Cult Brands aren’t just companies with products or services to sell. To many of their followers, they are a living, breathing surrogate family filled with like-minded individuals. They are a support group that just happens to sell products and services. Picture a Cult Brand in this context, and you’ll have a much better understanding of why brands like Apple, Harley-Davidson, and Southwest Airlines all have such high customer loyalty and devoted followers.

In exploring the foundation from which all Cult Brands are built, BJ decodes the unseen mechanisms that facilitate brand development, the Seven Golden Rules of Cult Branding, and how to break free from the conventions that hold most brands hostage.

The Psychology of the Customer

Successful brands embrace their customers by anticipating basic and spiritual human needs. Using leading edge cognitive research, humanistic psychology, comparative mythology, and common sense, BJ dispels traditional marketing philosophy and gets to the heart of what matters most for your business: your customers. When you understand your customers—their behaviors, dreams, needs and quirks—you can bridge your products and services to your customers’ hearts and minds, paving a path to brand loyalty.

With insights into the human psyche that transcend conventional beliefs about marketing and advertising, in this engaging talk you’ll learn how to deeply connect with the hearts of your customers.

Harnessing the Power of Word-of-Mouth

As business owners and professional marketers we’ve cast the mold on innovative ways to amplify and cultivate Word-of-Mouth (WOM) advertising among consumers. So why then have our most brilliant marketing strategies failed to produce a winning formula that consistently increases WOM? Why has today’s “connected” consumer become virtually mute to many of our messages? Could it be that while we’ve tried so hard to affect what people talk about to each other, we’ve overlooked the biological and psychological reasons why they talk in the first place? Have we failed to identify the core need people try to satisfy when they talk?

In this engaging talk, BJ reveals startling truths about the dynamics of human communication that will change the way you look at how you market to your customers. Connecting all the dots to fully understand mankind’s need for the spoken word, you’ll learn how to utilize this knowledge in marketing, advertising and selling your product and services through the world’s most powerful medium: people.

Seven Steps to Customer Loyalty

Cult Branding expert BJ Bueno breaks down the seven critical steps necessary to begin cultivating customer loyalty and to put your brand on the road to become a Cult Brand. Knowing what questions your organization needs to ask—and in what order to ask them—can make all the difference between a mediocre brand and a magnetic brand.

In this engaging workshop, BJ guides your team through a process to help you better understand the needs of your customer and how to translate this understanding in your communication and marketing to your customers.

Decoding Brand Communities

Apple has Mac User Groups. Harley-Davidson has HOG (Harley Owner Groups). Jimmy Buffet has Parrotheads. Great brands harness the power of brand communities to cultivate undying customer loyalty. Customers within a brand community are evangelists for your products and services.

With entertaining examples, BJ breaks down the three attributes all brand communities share. He’ll show your organization that brand communities don’t just exist in physical space, but in the minds of your customers as well. BJ offers practical strategies for setting up the conditions for your customers to create a sense of community around your brand.

Archetypal Branding

Successful brands like Apple, Nike, Ikea, and Southwest Airlines enjoy an unusual level of customer loyalty. Why? More than just selling products and services, these brands fulfill their customer’s human needs. Drawing on psychological insights from humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow and psychiatrist Carl Jung, BJ illuminates the power of archetypes—universal mental images and patterns of behavior that all human share.

In this accessible and engaging talk, BJ explains how powerful brands use an understanding of archetypes to help foster unprecedented customer loyalty.

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