Dr. Ben Carson | Former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development / Conservative Political Thought Leader / Renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon

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Dr. Ben Carson

Former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development / Conservative Political Thought Leader / Renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Dr. Ben Carson
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Liberty University Convocation
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Dr. Ben Carson gives audiences an inspirational look at the philosophy that helped him meet life's obstacles and leap over them. He prescribes his personal formula for success and demonstrates that maintaining discipline and exhibiting good character are at the core of true success on every level - while stressing the importance of using personal success to benefit others as well. This presentation can be customized to fit your audience’s needs, focuses include: excellence and leadership, education, honesty and integrity, and community involvement on all levels.

Health Care and Healthy Lifestyles

Dr. Ben Carson is a patients’ advocate – he knows how difficult it can be for individuals to obtain the information that is truly meaningful and important to them. In this enlightening presentation, Dr. Carson gets at the hard issues surrounding the medical field, while sharing with audiences the warm and compassionate perspective that have made him a world-renowned surgeon. He draws upon his knowledge of both interventional and preventive medicines to discuss not only improvements in personal health, but how the passage of health care reform will potentially make life better for all Americans. He also shares his own struggle with cancer and his insights on living a balanced, healthy life. His healthcare presentations can include the following:
· Prescription for a healthy nation
· Future trends in medical science
· The wonders of the human brain
· Creating healthy minds in children
· Lifestyle changes to increase longevity
· Is ADHD really all that common?

Take the Risk
A Rational Approach to Taking Risks

Many people lack achievement in their lives because they are afraid to take risks. Others fail because they take too many of the wrong risks. As director of pediatric neurosurgery at an internationally renowned medical center, Dr. Ben Carson faces many challenging and risky cases every week. But achieving such a position, from the depths of the societal hierarchy, also included a life of risk-taking. Using his book, Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose and Live with Acceptable Risk as a Guide, Carson walks audiences through a method to successfully use risk both at work and home.

Gifted Hands

Dr. Ben Carson knows what it takes to beat the odds. During this biographical presentation, he shares the story of his remarkable life's journey from a frustrated, bad tempered inner-city youth to a world-renowned surgeon who revolutionized pediatric surgery and saved countless lives. His story is chronicled in the original TNT movie released in early 2008, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story which stars Oscar Winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. Dr.Carson shares his struggle with an aggressive form of cancer which opened a new chapter in his life. He draws on his own real-life anecdotes to demonstrate the impact of making the right choices when presented with the many dilemmas of life. This presentation can focus on a wide range of issues including: self-determination, overcoming adversity, diversity, patriotism and parenting.

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Dr. Ben Carson

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