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Beau Lotto: Speaker Reel
Beau Lotto: Understanding Uncertainty
Beau Lotto: TED: How we experience awe -- and why it matters
Beau Lotto: Thriving in a World That Doesn't Exist
Beau Lotto: Creativity Begins with a Question
Beau Lotto: TED: Optical illusions show how we see

Beau Lotto

Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, and Author of Deviate

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New York, NY
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According to Dr. Beau Lotto, “Once you understand how perception works, you can't but help see yourself in the world in a different way and engage in it in a different way.” Renowned neuroscientist and entrepreneur, Beau Lotto, has spent decades studying the way we see—and in his three-time mainstage TED talks with over 7 million views, he shows us how to see differently. As Lotto puts it, "the brain never sees the world as it actually is, only the world that is useful to ...

Beau artfully challenged the perceptions of a large group of very knowledgeable and accomplished leaders. He is eloquent, humorous, and incredibly gifted at reframing people's assumptions about what is true and what is possible, through a neuroscientific lens. Beau is the best speaker I've seen for helping leaders adopt the right mindset for transformation work.

SVP Global Talent Strategy & Development - Warner Music Group

Beau lived up to and EXCEEDED everything that Pierre had promised me! Beau was able to engage and entertain our audience in a very important way, and, as Beau will attest, they needed a lot of engagement and energy! We had lots and lots of positive feedback on Beau's talk, and it really started our day off on the right note.

Program Director - Avixa's TIDE

What a knockout! The feedback from all the members was fantastic...!

Tech UK

Beau was great to work with - very creative, highly ambitious and with incredible energy. His communications skills are quite something to behold: when dealing with the volunteers from the public for the experiment, he held them in the palm of his hand and infected them with his enthusiasm. Respected by his peers and looked up to by his students he is someone who people like to listen to and learn from. I'd love the chance to work with him again.


The truth to describe his time here as like having a Renaissance man in our midst - Beau blends art, science, curiosity, illusion and music to entertain children, adults and scientists alike.

London Science Museum

Dr Lotto's presentation was interactive, educational and entertaining. Dr Lotto was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive to correspondence and a real character on site. I would happily recommend Dr Lotto to anyone interested in having him speak in a public capacity.

Darwin Healthcare Communications
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