Some Thoughts on Freedom

I just finished reading the book "Quiet Hero," written by Rita Cosby. Rita is a journalist and has contributed on the Fox network as well as MSNBC. I recently had the privilege of meeting her at a Gaither concert in Gatlinburg. 

Rita Cosby exudes life, and in her presence you feel her passion for loving others. The book is a must-read, one you cannot put down until you've finished it. It tells the story of her Dad, a resistance fighter against the Germans when they invaded Warsaw, Poland. Her father is still living, and Rita traveled with him to Poland where they honored him for his service 65 years later. 

Finishing the book the week of the 4th reminded me to understand that freedom is not free. It always comes with a price tag. Someone before me paid a dear price for the freedom i enjoy today.

As I sat with my family and a few friends and watched fireworks on the farm, I smiled...

I smiled because I saw my children and grandchildren enjoy freedom with each fireworks display. 

I saw the grandchildren love, laugh and squeal with delight each time a firework filled the sky. 

I laughed when Ryan (age 7) was lighting his very own cherry bomb and another one went off right behind him. It scared him and he hopped like a frog and took off running. 

I thought to myself, America truly is the land of the free! A place where children can run and play, a place where families and friends can enjoy an evening together.

America is free because someone paid a price for it. I'm thankful for all the "Quiet Heroes" who fought for the freedom I so enjoy.

Thanks to those who continue to pay the required price so that I can enjoy fireworks with my family in a peaceful little place called Gap, Pa.

Free Indeed...Auntie Anne

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