Alvin Townley

Alvin Townley

Leadership, Service, and Adventure with Purpose

About Alvin Townley

Best-selling author Alvin Townley risked everything on a dream when he embarked on an odyssey to discover stories of leadership, service, and adventure with a higher purpose. His travels have taken him around the world and led to his nationally-acclaimed books, Legacy of Honor, Spirit of Adventure, and Fly Navy.
Alvin's adventure truly began when he quit his job and sold his house to travel the country and write his first book. His pursuit of inspiration has since taken him to the halls of ...

Mr. Townley spoke to a large audience . . . and during his stirring remarks he did capture what naval aviation means to all of us. . . . this talented speaker is perfect for after dinner remarks or a motivational seminar.

Kevin Miller - Chief Operating Officer - National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida.

He was very responsive to our needs and excited to help us with speaking at our largest fundraising event of the year with over 1,000 people present. . . . Alvin was very professional and courteous to all he met.

Gary Gilger, Director of Finance - Chief Seattle Council, Seattle, Washington.

Alvin's message, always delivered with passion, insight and acute awareness of his audience, inspires and informs individuals or large groups with equal effectiveness. He is a gifted speaker and a very astute listener.

Barry Norris, Scout Executive - Greater Cleveland Council, Cleveland, Ohio

He brought the actions of the Eagle Scouts featured in his book to life. . . . he is engaging and focuses his presentations on Eagle Scouts "giving back" what hey have received. This has lead to new contributions and volunteer commitments in our council.

Larry Brown, Scout Executive, - Great Smoky Mountain Council, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Alvin Townley is an enthusiastic & relevant speaker, writer, and Eagle Scout! He can bridge the generational divide and appeal to a diverse audience. Alvin relates well to donors, supporters, alumni, youth & adult members of our organization & community.

Jack Sears, Scout Executive, - North Florida Council, Jacksonville, Florida.
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