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Allan's approach to storytelling, which is timed perfectly to compelling video, photos and animations--is one that inspires the audience to challenge the status quo and the common perceptions of ambition, security and belief.

Tom Adamski, President/CEO - LEVEL Studios

Allan inspires and motivates on all counts with a wonderfully delivered presentation. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to inspire, motivate or entertain any audience.

Gary Orr - San Diego BMW

Mr. Karl's story opens the mind, stirs the body and excites the soul. Within the first 60 seconds, the audience is enraptured in a well-honed presentation, perfectly timed with multimedia for maximum impact.

Gary Penn - Quicksilver

I've seen Allan speak on two occasions. Once at BMW and the other at the Apple Inc. headquarters. Both times I came away with great inspirations and a renewed perspective on the world. Allan has a real gift for delivering messages of hope and quest.

Mark Dubresson

A successful entrepreneur w/ a proven track record of starting multi-million dollar businesses, a subject matter expert in branding and strategic marketing, adventurist, author, photographer, philanthropist, amazing inspirational speaker.

S.Z. - Irvine, CA