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Alexis Jones

Founder of empowerment company "i am that girl"

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Alexis Jones

Alexis is an author, activist, adventure junky and entrepreneur. Growing up in Texas with four older brothers, Lex is an interesting hybrid of femininity, grit, resilience, insatiable inspiration and compassion. Lex has become the face not just of women's empowerment, but human empowerment; she has hosted a TV show on the red carpet, worked at Fox Sports and ESPN, hiked Mt. Everest, survived 33 days on a deserted island, founded I AM THAT GIRL & ProtectHer, gave a wildly successful TEDx talk, executive produced an award-winning documentary, has backpacked to over 52 countries and in her spare time, trains for triathlons. Alexis has won both The Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right and The Jefferson Award, our countries highest national honor for public service aka The Oscar of Activism.

Some of Alexis' talks at Google, DELL, Pepsi, NIKE, The NFL, Harvard, Stanford, West Point, The White House, The United Nations and The Girl Scouts have not just been about her work as an activist but are also inspiring a much deeper and wildly relevant conversation about how we can all be better humans: more vulnerable, more courageous, more intentional and more compassionate. In this talk, Lex shares her incredibly entertaining, hilarious and quite unbelievable life story in order to encourage and inspire a new normal and a new possibility within any group she has the privilege of speaking to; her sole mission is to leave a clear message that all humans should be treated with dignity and respect and we have to start first with having the bravery to love ourselves.

Lex has always believed, if we want to change the world, we have to first change our own. She unleashes unlimited potential in every person she encounters. When asked what kind of super hero she'd want to be, her response was very telling, "Tinker Bell." When the interviewer looked at her puzzled, she continued, "Are you kidding me?! To have magic fairy dust you could sprinkle on anyone to make them capable of flying?! Well that just sounds like the best super power any one could ever have." And it's exactly what she does, she always leaves her audience, whether it be Fortune 100 C Suite executives, professional athletes, hungry entrepreneurs or purpose seeking corporate America as though they could fly higher and father than ever imagined. Get ready to laugh and cry and laugh some more as she lights a bonfire in the heartbeats of everyone in earshot of her message.

Alexis Jones
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Confront the Wolf
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Who will you choose to be?
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Redefining #Manhood

The hottest topic in sports today isn’t Heisman hopefuls or the latest BCS rankings; unfortunately headlines are highlighting Ray Rice, sexual assault on campuses and at corporations, and other forms of domestic violence. While there is endless media attention about the problem, few people are discussing tangible solutions. In this incredibly important presentation, Alexis Jones starts what becomes an ongoing dialogue, asking young men the simple question, What kind of man will you choose to be? Having worked at ESPN and Fox Sports, Alexis speaks “dude” with exceptional ease. Based on her recent talk at NIKE to the top 18 high school quarterbacks in the country for ESPNU’s show “Elite 11,” Alexis goes much deeper than simply making audiences aware of the issues. Through tangible action steps and community building, Alexis shares how to be verbal, vulnerable, and honest – highlighting the fact that in order for men to respect women, men first have to respect themselves.

A 21st Women's Movement

As the Founder of the socially conscious empowerment company, i am that girl, Alexis Jones reveals her mission to broaden society’s narrow definition of beauty and to remind women everywhere that they are in fact on the same team. Recognizing the power and influence of Media today, Alexis is choosing to use the Entertainment industry and her celebrity platform to promote positive, empowering messages for girls and women. Through her experience as a teen model, TV personality and host she understands first hand, the unique pressures facing girls and women today. Alexis intimately shares her personal life experiences and current challenges facing women today as well as her lofty, ambitious vision for Bellism: the 21st Century women’s movement. Her battle cry to unite women, ignite a revolution and to reconstruct a community of strong women supporting one another is captivating, heart warming, passion-inducing and nothing short of contagious. Her motto will quickly become your own, “Empower women, change the world.”
- Identity the most common distractions in your life and the lies you’re being told
- Learn why expanding your definition of beauty is one of the most important things you’ll ever do
- Create your own community of phenomenal women

Dreams to Reality
Pursuing your Passion at all Costs

Through her unique life experiences, whether it’s hiking Mt. Everest, hosting a TV show on the red carpet, sneaking her way on to the hit CBS show, Survivor, or living in a garage to attend graduate school, Alexis shares her revelations on what it takes to be a young, social entrepreneur pursuing her passion and creating her dream company, i am that girl. With her avant-garde approach to business she inspires the audience to discover their passion, to dream fearlessly, and to build a sustainable business model that allows them to simultaneously live their passion while making a difference in the world. Using her proven checklist, Alexis shares her secrets of success with all challenges and triumphs she’s encountered along the way. She is after all, “a dreamer, but not the only one.”
- Identify a passion unique to you.
- Learn the 5 essential characteristics to pursuing your passion.
- Create the “WHY” that will allow you to pursue your passion at all costs.

Trailblazing in the 21st Century
Inspire Your Company Culture

Alexis shares intimate, hysterical and heroic stories of her adventure surviving 33 of 39 days on the hit reality TV show Survivor as a conduit to discuss company culture, morale and creating a successful team. Through her unique experience she learned the most powerful characteristics essential to an effective leader and provides revelations of how these characteristics have helped her as Founder and CEO of the socially conscious empowerment company, i am that girl. Alexis is able to make her experience on Survivor relatable to real life as she provides powerful content with an entertaining twist. Between her stories of eating bats and sustaining a serious (game threatening) injury, she tackle issues of adapting to change, integrity, work ethic, resilience and team building. Alexis unapologetically delves into the confrontational and challenging question of: Who will you choose to be in the face of adversity? Though she had to travel across the world to discover it, she’s brought back with her lessons from the island that will significantly and positively impact work place morale, inspire passion-filled employees as well as encourage individuals facing an ever changing professional landscape to tackle change positively and effortlessly.

- Identify the most powerful characteristics essential to positively embracing change

- Learn how to create and maintain a healthy work place and the role and responsibility each employee has to the overall moral

- Group exercises to discover a “change technique” unique to you

Alexis Jones
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Alexis Jones

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