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What Matters More - the innovation or the context?

We live in a world where AI, VR and the connected home are becoming a way of life, but why now? Iterations of these technologies have been surfacing since the 1950s, yet it’s only now that we are really seeing them become a standard of modern living. Alain Sylvain, CEO of Sylvain Labs explores...

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The Power of PolyCulture in Innovation.

There are more than 1,000 types of bananas in the world, subdivided into 50 groups, but more than 95% of the bananas sold in the U.S. are Cavendish. As perfect as the Cavendish is, a single disease could wipe them all out. As humans, we are hardwired for sameness, which means that diverse teams...

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From Waze to the Beyhive: The Power of the Collective Ego

How technology has the power to nurture a sense of trust amongst users, creating a hive-like mindset that provides real value.

Technology is helping to create a collective mindset, where masses of people are sharing observations, instincts and power. It’s a connection amongst strangers that is...

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Wellbeing 2.0

First, we wanted brands that raised our social cachet. Then, we looked to brands that profiled our personalities. So what’s next? In this thought-provoking keynote, Alain Sylvain, Founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs, will look at how future consumers will want brands that make us feel good about...

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What Brands Can Learn From Beyonce

Brands used to promise abstract aspirations and fantasies. Now, to succeed, brands need to provide ruthless utility. And much like Queen Bey, great brands have changed to be much less superficial and much more useful.

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The Rise of Righteous Tourism

How guests are looking beyond passive moments of indulgence to more challenging and purposeful experiences.

The worlds of luxury and hospitality are largely driven by mantras like “at your service,” “the customer is always right,” and “it’s a pleasure to serve you.” But what happens when luxury...

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The Currency of Otherness

How acknowledging the limitations of your own perspective and authentically channeling that of The Other creates new opportunities.

Society is continuing to reckon with a history of discrimination and harassment related to race and gender – as well as other aspects of identity like sexuality,...

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Going beyond the cliche of ‘purpose’ and staying human at work

From diagnosing love languages to harnessing GIF magic, Sylvain Labs helps companies like Google, Blackrock, Spotify, GM, American Express, Samsung, and others develop brands and reimagine products, all while staying true to their value as human beings. Profit and purpose can happily coexist, and...

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Mind The Backlash

Why today’s digital social advocates must mind the backlash in order to further their causes

For the first time in a long time, societal norms are being challenged. We’re demanding more. Social media and technology in general is fueling the movements that are changing our culture for the better,...

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The Savagery of Pop Culture

Even in it’s frivolousness, pop culture used to be the common language we leveraged to subconsciously discuss and deliberate the issues of the day. The shows and movies we watched, the music we listened to, the sartorial choices we made, and even the foods we ate all reflected our collective...

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The Fetishization of Innovation

How business's obsession with ‘innovation’ robbed the word of its meaning, and how we can reclaim it

As businesses–brands and consultancies alike–we fetishize ‘innovation.’ We’ve thrown the word ‘innovation’ around so much that it’s lost its meaning in a time when the true practice of innovation...

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The whimsical fantasy of the entrepreneur

They’re touted as famed business celebrities. But is this diluting process?

The cult of the entrepreneur is real. Our culture at large considers entrepreneurs some of the greatest heroes of our time, and we don’t question it. But it’s not just the Steve Jobs and Elon Musks of the world that are...

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The Power of Language and Naming in Innovation

Words matter. They affect our perceptions of and reactions to situations, and evoke certain images in our minds. The ways in which we use, understand and interpret language are crucial to our lives, from our consumption of media, to broadcasting on our own social media, personal relationships and...

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Bringing “Purpose” Down to Earth

The abstraction of purpose has made it unrelatable. How do we reclaim it?

We are in a purpose-crazed moment. Leaders advocate for it, social media is ablaze with it, employees desperately crave it in their work, and consumers are demanding it. We’re holding everyone -- not just corporations and...

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The Death of “Cool”

How the concept has evolved over time and how it might not be cool to be cool anymore.

“Cool” has always been a part of society – from pop culture and high-fashion to high school. Whether that’s through the brooding of a James Dean, the swag of a Billy D. Williams, the unapologetic confidence of...

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The Art of the Side Hustle

Why business benefits from a little bit on the side

As entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow as cultural movement, the side hustle has become an outlet for the 'more' that we seek. And not just for the individual, but for big brands like Amazon, Google and Patagonia. It is an essential element...

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The Exploitation of Purpose

Companies are “woke-washing.” Has ‘doing good’ become appropriated for the wrong intent?

The concept of "purpose" has become something of a cliché—a fashion accessory in the world of business. Corporate leaders preach about it, employees desperately crave it and consumers are buying into it more...

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From BlackRock to the WNBA – how to bring brand strategy to life in culture

Identifying how to grow up and away from a stagnant story. Defining a purpose and understanding how to activate it within culture. These are two key tenets of a brand strategy that provokes progress in today's society. Alain Sylvain, founder & CEO of Sylvain Labs, will share the stories of...

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The Progress Instinct

For brands in a recession, it’s a poignant time if we can activate the right instinct.

Let’s face the truth. Moments of crisis are scary. They’re triggered by external shocks and leave us all in a state of heightened anxiety. And we’re right in the middle of one.

It’s important to look back as we...

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Mitigating tone-deafness in branding for tech companies

As we approach the next phase of business and branding in the face of this seminal moment we’re in, laser-focus on new consumer needs is crucial. Brands must address our shifting values by contributing to the solution and living up to their purpose now more than ever -- by forgetting lofty words...

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Power Languages

When you discover your unique relationship to power you unlock new potential

We all have inherent relationships to “power”. We either flourish or falter in the face of them. Whether it’s based on where you’re from, your relationship with your parents, partner, friends, or education - the fact is,...

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Designing for Collective Trauma

What happens when we all experience trauma together? And how can brands help us overcome our shared sense of PTSD?

On an individual level, trauma can crush our sense of wellbeing. But on a collective level, trauma takes on a whole new meaning. When society experiences an event that’s distressing...

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The Myth of Originality

Everything is derivative. But it doesn’t have to suck.

Does originality still exist? Isn’t every idea based on something else? And does being creative mean being original?

In fact, everything is derivative. But in a culture obsessed with innovation and independence, the fear of being unoriginal...

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Technology’s Subservience to Culture

When we remember that tech is a tool of culture, new potential emerges.

We idealize technology. Our society has put it up on a pedestal, we’ve dedicated thousands of conferences, books, podcasts, movies and more to it. We’re constantly exploring it from every possible angle. We ask questions...

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The Inherent Rebellion of Gen Z

What does it mean for the future of work?

Business loves to debate about Gen Z ad nauseum. We hear a lot of negatives: they’re addicted to technology and social media. They have short attention spans. They’re susceptible to loneliness and anxiety about the future. But we also know they’re more...

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The UnHackable Gen Z

Brands spend endless brain power and countless dollars on trying to understand Gen Z. But there is no getting to know this generation. Gen Z is everywhere and nowhere. Quiet and loud. And the things we can identify contribute to their complexity as a group even more. They’re shapeshifters,...

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Distributed, Not Divided: The Urgency in Building Cohesion at Work

Losing a shared office space has wide-ranging effects on team dynamics that are just now starting to come into full view. In distributed work, leaders must intentionally design for cohesion—the unified feeling of togetherness critical for productivity, collaboration, and alignment around common...

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Visionary Thinking Through Turbulence

We’re all in pursuit of our own forms of progress that (we hope) will cut through the saturation of uncertainty we’re facing today. But how can we balance our knee-jerk reactions to recover and stabilize with proactive, visionary thinking that will ultimately take us further?

At Sylvain Labs, we...

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