Justin Osmond Speech Topics

Freedom from Fear and Limitations

• How to master, disintegrate & overcome your fears from self-doubt and self-imposed limitations
• The Risks, Tragedies & Failures of living below our capacities
• The Benefits, Strengths & Blessings of living above our abilities

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Discovering your Strengths

• The SOLUTION to discovering your Strengths and unleashing your Genius
• Challenge ourselves to set goals that will stretch us & help us discover what we’re truly capable of

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Make Life a Mission, not an Intermission

• Rollercoaster ride through emotions of fear, frustration, loss, despair to humor, triumph & glory
• How to own the whole tree and not just the low-hanging fruit

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Changing Habits & Standards

• KEY to learn, grow & become better than you've ever been
• The MYSTERY on how to go from VISION to REALITY

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Overcome Challenges & Adversity

• We all have challenges, but the SECRET is to not let those Challenges have us
• The Acorns in our lives and how they drive us to a “higher level of thinking and motivation”

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