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The Money Couple’s Back-to-School Survival Guide

By The Money Couple
According to our research, back-to-school expenditures are second only to Christmas so the school shopping is a "biggie";. In addition to the tips below, be sure to read a recent article we were interviewed for - clickhere. Enjoy this time of year, keep your money relationship intact, teach your kids a thing or two and get your school year off to a great start: Clear communication will prevent doubling up on items, or worse, spending more than you need to! Once you decide who will do ...
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Just Don't Fall: I. Have. Cancer.

By Josh Sundquist
In Episode 2 ofJosh Sundquist's animated series based on his bestselling memoir, he wakes up from surgery to hear devastating news. Josh Sundquist is a bestselling author and Paralympian who gives speeches that inspire organizations and individuals to adopt his ski racing motto, 1MT1MT (one more thing, one more time) to overcome adversity and reach peak performance. For information on how to book Josh Sundquist for your next event,
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Consider This: Laughter is a Positive Stimulant to Profits

By Robert Stevenson
I recently did a speaking engagement for a company and in my research interviewing process several people shared with me some very disturbing comments about their working environment. I simply asked the question, "What do you do for fun at your company?"; I received comments like … "We don't have time for fun."; … "I can't remember the last time we did anything fun."; … "Fun - we don't do anything fun."; … "I think we had a picnic last year."; Due to the pressures to ...
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Ron Clark, NY Times Best Selling Author Releases New Book: "The End of Molasses Classes"

By Ron Clark
Ron's new book "The End of Molasses Classes" releases TODAY! Ron new book is all about Getting Our Kids Unstuck and sharing 101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers. Ron Clark is changing the world speaking to educators inspiring them to be great and to change the lives of their students. Bring the Ron Clark Revolution to your next event! Check Dates and Fees go to:!
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Josh Sundquist Launches New Web Series Based on Bestselling Memoir

By Josh Sundquist
Inspirational speaker Josh Sundquist is producing an animated web-series based on his bestselling memoir,Just Don't Fall:A Hilariously True Storyof Childhood, Cancer, Amputation,Romantic Yearning, Truth, and Olympic Greatness. In Episode 1, nine-year-old Josh has a cringe-inducing encounter with a needle. Josh Sundquist is a bestselling author and Paralympian who gives speeches that inspire organizations and individuals to adopt his ski racing motto, 1MT1MT (one more ...

Premiere Networks to Launch "America Now" with Andy Dean

By Michael Smallbone
Below is an article announcing Andy Dean's new nationally syndicated radio program, America Now, which will debut on Premiere Radio Networks beginning August 8, 2011. For information on how to book Andy Dean for your next event,
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Some Thoughts on Freedom

By Auntie Anne Beiler
I just finished reading the book "Quiet Hero," written by Rita Cosby. Rita is a journalist and has contributed on the Fox network as well as MSNBC. I recently had the privilege of meeting her at a Gaither concert in Gatlinburg.Rita Cosby exudes life, and in her presence you feel her passion for loving others. The book is a must-read, one you cannot put down until you've finished it. It tells the story of her Dad, a resistance fighter against the Germans when they invaded Warsaw, Poland. Her father is still ...

Pulling Greatness Out of People

By Michael Smallbone
Below is a link to a recent Leaders Magazine interview with Jim Craig, President and Founder of Gold Medal Strategies and the goalie for the 1980 USA "Miracle on Ice" Olympic hockey team. Click here to read the article in Leaders Magazine. 2011 Leaders Magazine, Inc. For information on how to book Jim Craig for your next event,
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Character Education for the Digital Age

By Dr. Jason Ohler
Our current technological trajectory promises unfathomable, roller-coaster innovation with no braking system. While the ride is exciting, it moves so quickly that we typically don't have time to think about the possible unintended consequences that might accompany it. The result is that we find ourselves unable to effectively respond to hot-button issues like cyberbullying and sexting because they seem to come out of nowhere. Our challenge is to find ways to teach our children how to navigate ...

Elizabeth Smart to Begin Reporting for ABC

By Michael Smallbone
It was recently reported that Elizabeth Smart will begin reporting on missing persons cases for ABC as soon as this week. To read more on this story, click here. For information on how to book Elizabeth Smart for your next event,

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