The following is experted from the latest Washington Post column by personal finance expert Michelle Singletary:

When times are good, some people still struggle to keep up with their credit and debt payments. In a downturn, bad gets worse because for some, there's less money to devote to debt.

In a...

The following is a column by Michael Reagan, conservative radio host and eldest son of Ronald Reagan:

Willie Sutton is wrongly believed to have said he robbed banks because "that's where the money is.” He never said that, and anybody who says it now would also be wrong.
A bank’s...

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Want a Job? Don't Major in Business.

By Cal Newport, Posted February 19th 2009

From Cal Newport's blog, "Study Hacks":

Business administration and management is the country’s most popular college major. The reasons are not surprising. Many students incorrectly believe that their major needs to be a tight fit with their post-grad job. They note that they want a job...

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Leaving One Side in the Cold

By Vince Poscente, Posted February 18th 2009

From Vince Poscente's blog, "Full Speed Ahead":

One-sided stories are like a painting half done, one-legged pants or hockey with only one skate.  Finding the complete picture can slow things down at first but ultimately will speed things up.

Commodeonlegs You might have read about the executive excesses,...

From Tim Sander's blog, "Sanders Says":

The best way to counter the economy's funk is to create your own oasis of good news: with a sale.  This week, you need to add five hours of "money-seeking" time to your schedule.  If you sell a service, go back to some old clients and talk about...

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Column: Obama Needs to Talk the Talk

By Dick Morris, Posted February 18th 2009

Published on on Tuesday February 17, 2009

It’s rare to criticize a politician for being all action and no talk, but that’s one of the big things that’s wrong with Obama’s battle against the economic crisis. One of the key variants in any stage of the economic...

The following is a column by space technology expert Jeff Krukin:

The political will to increase NASA's consistently paltry budget has consistently remained paltry since the years of Apollo.  NASA was conceived to accomplish a national security mission, and without this imprimatur NASA has...

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Q&A: Bruce Tulgan on Managing Gen Y

By Bruce Tulgan, Posted February 16th 2009

Bruce Tulgan is an expert on managing young people and the author of the bestsellers It’s Okay To Be The Boss and Managing Generation X. He recently spoke with Premiere about the challenges and opportunities when managing the youngest generation of workers, Generation Y.

The title of your...

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Column: Requiem for a Republic

By Michael Reagan, Posted February 12th 2009

The following is a column by Michael Reagan, conservative radio host and eldest son of Ronald Reagan:

It is not true that grown men don’t cry. I’m grown and I’m on the verge of tears. A Republic I have loved all my life is being is being murdered and the crime is an inside job.

If you walked around midtown Manhattan during the summer, you might have seen the financial executive, in his late 40s, who paraded around in a sandwich board declaring “Experienced MIT Grad for Hire” and handing out copies of his resume.

A few months later, you might have come across...