Written by Don Brunell

Over the Labor Day weekend, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee gave a compelling commentary on the need for employers and employees to set aside their differences and partner.

Easier said than done, especially in today's often vitriolic and politically charged atmosphere.


Every time one of my children says, “Back in your day,” I wince.

After watching an old black-and-white sitcom, my son actually asked me if there was color television back in my day. His sisters thought it was funny. Me? Not so much.

I will say this. Back in the day, retirement was a lot less...

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"On purpose and with a purpose."

By Melvin Adams, Posted September 8th 2014


Harlem Globe Trotter Melvin Adams — surrounded by staff members Scott Gordon, Officer Travis Gilliam, Caitlin Dobrowolski, Andrew Newton, Amanda Dowdy and Chiara Hoyt — tells staff members to go to school “on purpose with a purpose.”

"Cumberland County Public Schools held convocation to kick off...

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2 Tips from Joan Rivers

By Shar McBee, Posted September 5th 2014

Joan Rivers

Do you have a passive aggressive co-worker? 2 tips from Joan Rivers's life:

Johnny Carson was angry at her and handled it in a classic passive aggressive way: He stopped talking to her. He didn't return her calls.

Tip #1: Joan Rivers said, "It doesn't get better. YOU get better."

Tip #2:...

Written by Gwen Moran

Being a fair boss may be exhausting, and may even leave you grumpy the next day, but the upside can be worth it.

Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D., the Ethics Guy and author of Ethical Intelligence: Five Principles for Untangling Your Toughest Problems at Work and Beyond, says that fair...

Written by Ashley Alman

Conservative television and radio host Glenn Beck highlighted the good coming out of Ferguson, Missouri amid the protests and unrest that rattled the suburb following the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown.

"Yes there were looters. Yes there were vandals. Yes there were...

Carol Kinsey Goman,Ph.D. was recently featured in a TV interview about confidence, likeablity, and the role of body language for women at work.


Carol Kinsey Goman,Ph.D., specializes in energizing individuals and organizations to thrive in an environment of constant change. Carol is an...

One of our exclusive speakers, Elizabeth Smart, has partnered with Alicia Kozakiewicz to raise awareness about the urgency to save exploited and missing children. They have called upon the government leaders and need the public's help. Below is an excerpt of Elizabeth's message for this cause:


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We need to value the job creators and the job holders, says former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in his Labor Day message. The host of “The Huckabee Show” said Saturday night that it is when labor and management partner together, everybody wins in America’s capitalist system.

Huckabee said that it...

Written by Maureen Downey

At the AJC Decatur Book Festival this weekend, I had the delightful job of introducing the dynamic Kim Bearden, co-founder of the Ron Clark Academy and the recipient the Oscar of teaching, the Milken award. She is also the author of the new book, “Crash Course: The Life...