Head, Heart, and Hands: A New Way To Look at Leadership

I travel around the world to meet with CEOs and their teams, and there is always one question on every leader's mind: in this changing world of work, where does true competitive advantage lie? 

After eight years of studying some of the most extraordinary leaders and teams on the planet, I’ve realized that it doesn’t lie in their boardrooms, budgets, or R&D labs. The true competitive advantage lies in the energy of their people. 

Energy is your organization’s most precious asset. It is the fuel that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. If your people are low on energy, you can have a brilliant vision, inspiring goals, and all of the financial resources you need – but you still won’t reach your potential. 

Our workforce is in the midst of what Microsoft’s Head of People calls a Human Energy Crisis. And yet, most of us are still fixated on managing time. How much time will it take to execute a plan, finish a project, or launch a product? We spend our days obsessed with scheduling, calendar-blocking, streamlining, and optimizing. We feel strangled by time, in an endless pursuit to squeeze more hours into the day. 

But we have been solving the wrong problem. Great results don’t just come from the number of hours you give to something – they come from the quality of energy you bring to each hour. 

I’ve seen this first-hand. After selling my healthcare company in 2016, I joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School and began researching the behavioral habits of great leaders. I’ve traveled around the globe to study people like Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Ben & Jerry, Issa Rae, Tony Hawk, Bobbi Brown, Tom Collichio, and Salman Rushdie. I unpack the most surprising takeaways inside classrooms and boardrooms, through my books and as the host of an award-winning television show (now streaming on Amazon Prime). 

Over these eight years, I’ve witnessed certain leaders rise and others fall. Some have reached their potential and others have fizzled out. What made the difference? Energy. Leaders and teams that fizzle out very rarely run out of time…they run out of energy. 

But here’s the problem: most leaders know how to manage time, but they haven’t learned how to manage energy. 

This is why I created the “Head, Heart, and Hands” program. Drawing on nearly a decade of experience as a Healthcare CEO and bestselling author, the program gives leaders immediate, actionable tools to elevate their team’s energy through purpose (head), well-being (heart), and action (hands). 

My mission is to give leaders the science-based tools they need to unlock their people’s full energy and potential. When that happens, we drive bottom-line results and create a ripple effect that reaches well beyond the workplace.  If you want to find out more about Head, Heart, and Hands, I’d love to talk to you about how together we can elevate your organization's most precious resource – the energy of your people.

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Suneel Gupta: Expert, Connecting Well-Being and Performance; Healthcare Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author; Host, American Express Business Class Docuseries; Visiting Scholar, Harvard Medical School

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