How to Setup Emergency Information In Your Smart Phone


While we take time to reflect on the tragedy that has struck the great city of Orlando, it is more important than ever to ensure we are prepared for such an emergency. As we pray for the families and friends of those heavily affected by this selfish act, we wish we could tell you that there will never be another instance like this. Unfortunately, we know this is not the truth. To be as prepared as possible, everyone needs to keep their Emergency Contacts as current as possible on their smart phones. This is extremely easy to do, and provides First Responders critical contact information as well as your personal identification.

• iPhones: In case of emergencies, you can set up a Medical ID on your iPhone. To add personal information (blood type, birthdate, etc.) as well as individuals to contact during an emergency follow these steps:
A. Open the Health App (it is a white icon with a pink heart that is visible on iOS 8 and newer) 
B. Tap Medical ID (bottom right icon) 
C. Edit information 
D. Turn on “Show When Locked” to make your Medical ID available from the Lock screen
E. Add important information for emergency contacts that will also be available when your phone is locked

• Androids: 
A. Open the Contacts app 
B. Select Groups 
C. Tap ICE – Emergency Contacts
D. Edit information
E. Select and add your emergency contacts. 
F. Tap Save 
G. Return to the phones Lock Screen and tap Emergency Call
H. Tap an Add button to create a shortcut to your emergency numbers. You may add up to three

This information could save your life and eliminates the confusion when trying to identify next of kin. We sincerely hope these instructions assist you; please share it with others.

Our hearts go out to all of those affected by this awful tragedy. Stay strong Orlando.

Source: Dr. Isabel Perry via LinkedIn

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