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Frank Reich

Legendary NFL Quarterback

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Frank Reich

Frank Reich is known for his incredible comebacks. Not once but twice in his football career, he led his team to victory against insurmountable odds. Today, his exciting determination and inspiring boldness for the Lord endure after a long journey of "the highest of highs and the lowest of lows." While playing for the University of Maryland, Frank was injured in the fourth game of his senior season and the chance to play professional football seemed lost. But in a game against the Miami Hurricanes, Frank came off the bench to play a key role in the high point of the season. Down by a daunting 31 to 0, Frank led the team to a remarkable 42-40 victory. He could not have known that history would repeat itself eight years later. Drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1985, Frank started in the playoff game against the Houston Oilers in a bid to go to the Super Bowl. As the Oilers charged to a 35-3 lead, Frank looked to stop their stampede one play at a time. Although no team had ever won after being down by 32 points, Frank recalled his college comeback. Buffalo captured the lead in the final minutes of the game and eventually won in overtime 41 to 38 - an NFL comeback record that still stands today. After that dramatic victory, Frank delivered a powerful message to an unusually responsive media. While each camera continued to roll, he gave God the glory for his part in this historic win. During the second quarter of Super Bowl XXVII. Bill's starter Jim Kelly had to leave the game due to injury and Frank entered the game. If the Bills won, Frank would have the world's attention to again honor his Heavenly Father. But God had other plans. The Buffalo Bills lost 52 to 17, one of the most lopsided Super Bowls of all time. Frank had gone from the highest mountaintop to the deepest valley in three weeks. But in that painful journey, he still discovered victory - not victory on the field, but victory over disappointment and devastation. As a speaker, Frank draws from his extraordinary experiences to encourage anyone who faces adversity. His inspiring story demonstrates how Jesus is the only hope, especially when faced with inevitable hardship. Just as God helped Frank come back from tremendous odds one play at a time, He helps His children rise above their circumstances one step at a time. With sincerity and conviction, Frank shows audiences of every age and background that there is powerful promise in victory as well as in loss.

Frank Reich
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Frank Reich

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