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Kathy Koch PhD

Kathy Koch PhD, Parenting, Women's Ministries, Fundraising, Student Ministry, Family parenting, homeschool, christian, Christian Youth, kids, family Kathy Koch PhD, Parenting, Women's Ministries, Fundraising, Student Ministry, Family parenting, homeschool, christian, Christian Youth, kids, family
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Kathy Koch PhD

Founder of Celebrate Kids, Inc; Childhood Specialist, Helping Parents and Teachers Raise & Teach Children

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Fort Worth, TX, United States
About Kathy Koch PhD

Kathy Koch, Ph.D. (pronounced "cook")

With a passion for being an influence and for helping build strong and healthy families, Dr. Kathy writes (6 books and counting) and speaks (a lot and often) on a wide range of topics that are both timeless and current. Her humorous and easy-to-learn-from speaking style, foundational wisdom, and practical and relevant details leave her audiences empowered with strategies to navigate the challenges of raising and teaching children. She warmly speaks to ...

It was the best weekend. Everyone loved Kathy. She was very relevant, easy to understand, personable, and a big encouragement to me. The best observation: every dad came back on Saturday to hear more of her presentation. I only wish we could have had her longer.

Kathy Litzkow - North Central Church of Christ, Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Koch was the favorite of our group and her session led our discussion Monday evening. Kathy Koch communicated her love for her audience and their generation effectively. Kathy was the great favorite because she talked straight and didn't try to be cool. We love Kathy's directness, sense of humor, and clear grasp on truth. Those combined make for an engaging speaker which impacts students' hearts and minds well beyond the conference.

Julie Phipps - Association of Christian Schools-NE Region, Arlington VA

We were all so honored to have Dr. Kathy speak to us. She challenged us on a deep level. Content is king. She was prepared and confident in her approach. I loved how she engaged the audience through her positive affirming words like "that's a great idea" or "I like your creativity!" But even more than being a great communicator and presenter, her love for us spoke so loudly. She spent time with us and truly cared about us AND our development.

Chris Pruett - New Life Church, Princeton MN

Dr. Koch is by far our most loved banquet speaker. This was our second banquet where we have asked her to present and those two events have been our highest fundraisers in our 19 years.

Threesa Sadler - Raffa Clinic, Greenville TX

Your class at the Texas homeschool convention captivated me entirely. My mind was shaken with the concept of different kinds of smart, and I felt like I began to understand my body smart 6yo son in a new way. I even felt validated for my people smart/self smart personality fluctuations. I had to use my tissues when you talked about the child that unrolled the paper towels from the tube, along with many other such stories you shared. I want to see children the way you do. I want God to share His heart for children with me the way He shared it with you, and I'm going for this with all I've got. Thank you for sharing. I loved everything about you and your class.

Amy Quintanar - Great Homeschool Convention, Fort Worth, TX

Our virtual event with Dr. Kathy Koch was amazing. She is so personable and authentic on the personal side and she is also so knowledgeable and gracious in sharing of information and ideas she has developed.

Erin Corbett - MN Assemblies of God
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