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August 02, 2016

U.S. National Amputee Soccer Team Brings Home First 'Top Three' Finish!

Congratulations to Josh Sundquist and the U.S. National Amputee Soccer Team on bringing home the third place trophy from the Costa Rica Cup! This win makes the...
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July 19, 2016

Josh Sundquist Training for Costa Rica Cup with U.S. National Amputee Soccer Team

Josh Sundquist is heading to Costa Rica with the rest of the U.S. National Amputee Soccer team to compete for the Costa Rica cup in just ten days! Josh was diagnosed with...
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July 06, 2016

Every Body Has the Power To Change

So Mark Wahlberg posted my before-and-after photos. I’m really proud of the pics but I have a mixed relationship with this meme. I didn’t write that caption (“Excuses:...
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March 28, 2016

How to Become A Motivational Speaker | Stop Trying to Sound "Inspirational"

Don’t try to be incredibly inspiring. Instead, try to be incredibly honest. In other words, don’t say things merely because you think they sound inspirational. Say things...
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