Brandy Meeks | Delivering the Secret to Overcoming the Abortion Industry’s Deceit.

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Brandy Meeks

Delivering the Secret to Overcoming the Abortion Industry’s Deceit.

Brandy Meeks

Brandy has led in the pro-life movement for well over a decade. Her passion and energy for the mission increased while she served as a pregnancy center director in her early professional years. Later, she was recruited as the Director of Marketing and Research Application at Vitae Foundation. Brandy and her husband Matt, would go on to launch Cornerstone Marketing Strategies, building a company that assists pregnancy centers using research-backed digital marketing strategies.

In 2018, Former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson asked Brandy to join her as the VP of Operations at And Then There Were None to help more abortion workers leave the abortion industry while the movie Unplanned gained popularity. Together, they also launched ProLove Ministries, a pro-life organization that seeks to fill gaps in the movement.

After the Dobbs decision was announced in 2022, Brandy was pursued by Vitae Foundation’s board of directors to lead as the next President/CEO. She now leads Vitae Foundation– an organization that facilitates lifesaving research and applies the findings to create messaging strategies to share with others so, together, we can make abortion unthinkable.

Brandy is a founding board member of Abortion Survivors Network with abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, continues to assist as a board member at And Then There Were None, serves with the United Nations through the Organization of American States as a CSO to protect human rights internationally, and is also a Commissioner with the Missouri Baptist Convention’s Christian Life Commission, the public policy arm of the MBC.

One of her latest adventures includes going undercover for research with Plan C, an aggressive abortion pill advocacy group, which has been shared on two episodes of EWTN’s At Home with Jim and Joy, radio shows, podcasts, and the Midwest March for Life. Brandy’s message of courage to overcome the well documented, fear-based messaging of the abortion industry compels audiences with a sense of urgency and clear calls to action to end this human rights atrocity. 

Brandy Meeks
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Courage to Lead

When you read leadership books and blogs, there is no shortage of lists for the best attributes of leaders. Do you know one that is often missing on those lists? COURAGE. Don’t believe it? Google it! It’s crazy that so many people miss this. It is the secret to great leadership! 

It takes courage to make the tough but wise decisions, like getting the right people on and off the bus in the workplace. It takes courage to take the calculated risks for trying new ideas. It takes courage to ask others to follow you when sometimes you aren’t quite sure exactly where you’re headed yet. 

Courage is the secret! As you look to sharpen your leadership skills or decide who you trust to follow, surround yourself with those who choose courage when faced with opposition, who choose courage when navigating their daily steps, and choose courage when planning for the future. 

Behind the Scenes with Pro-Abortion Groups

As a leader who has worked with former abortion workers and gone undercover with rising abortion pill groups like Plan C, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the fear-based strategies of the abortion industry. Even better, your audience will clearly understand the urgency of addressing the rise of abortion pill access and be motivated with clear action steps on what they can do to overcome this human rights atrocity, including courageously and sacrificially giving to support your pro-life work.

Brandy Meeks
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Brandy Meeks

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