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Tyler Gage

  • Building Sustainable and Successful Companies
  • Thought Leader for 2.0 Entrepreneurs
  • Co-Founder and co-CEO of RUNA Tea

Tyler has spent the last ten years working with indigenous communities in the Amazon developing economic development and rainforest conservation programs. Having started as a 19 year old researching Amazonian languages, he grew to build his organization, RUNA, into one of the leading social change organizations in the Amazon, supporting over 20,000 indigenous people. Tyler has been ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

The Secrets of the Amazon
Channing Tatum, Tyler, and the RUNA Story: ABC Nightline
Good Life Project
2011 Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneur
Who is Runa Tea?
Creative Communication
Speech Topics
  • Fierce Collaboration: Lessons from the power of the Amazon

    Immersing himself in the native cultures of the Amazon and learning their ways, Tyler grew from an introverted ... View More

  • Innovation from the Amazon‎

    Inspired by the ways that the indigenous Amazonian communities understand their environment and manage their tribes, ... View More

  • "Profit and Sustainability: Its all about People"

    Having built an organization that sells products in thousands of stores across the country while employing over 70 ... View More

  • "Creative Fundraising"

    Tyler Gage has raised over $12m for Runa, a hybrid non-profit and for-profit organization that improves livelihoods for ... View More

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Text Reviews
  • I heard again and again the question -"Who found this speaker? He was awesome!" Tyler Gage was awesome! He kept our audience engaged the entire hour. Tyler was very gracious and it was a great exchange of ideas and information. We had a great event!
  • Lori Boyer - Ferguson Lecture - Western Illinois University
  • Tyler's presentation at Wharton was a great success. He delivered Runa's story with enthusiasm and insight, and presented a truly unique perspective on social enterprise in emerging markets. Tyler kept students engaged throughout his talk . . .
  • Professor Ian MacMillan - Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
  • Tyler Gage was an incredibly engaging and dynamic speaker. He held the attention of 450 students by sharing his experience from student travel to entrepreneurship. He took us on his journey and included informative and humorous aspects of his discoveries.
  • The Dalton School

Tyler's Blog

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