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Simon T. Bailey

  • Leadership Catalyst, Communicator and Author
  • Former leader of Disney Institute
  • Founder of the Brilliance Institute, Inc.

Renowned speaker and author Simon T. Bailey is the leader of the “brilliance” movement – helping more than 1 million people find their brilliance, shift their thinking and produce sustainable results.

According to The Speakers Experts, Simon is one of America’s top ten most booked corporate and association speakers. In 2015 Simon was inducted into the prestigious National Speakers ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Shift Your Brilliance - Harness The Power of You. INC.

    Are you waiting for your company or organization to do something? Well, guess what. They are waiting for you to take ... View More

  • Releasing Leadership Brilliance - How To Empathize, Engage and Energize Your Culture

    Stale. Stuck. Spiritless. This is what a leader, then a team, and ultimately a business becomes when mojo is lost. ... View More

  • Shift Your Brilliance - Stop Selling and Start Connecting

    The Gallup Organization states that 70% of human decision-making is emotional and 30% is rational. When buyers ... View More

  • Customer Love - Realign Heads, Hearts, and Hands to Drive Results

    Connections, real connections, result in genuine customer loyalty. Earning the trust and respect of your client or ... View More

Audio Reviews
STAR POWER Systems, Inc
Text Reviews
  • Your presentation this week to our top sales performers was lively, upbeat and, of course, inspirational . . . noted how well you knew SunTrust . . . impressed many that you had visited one of our branches to get a sense of who we are and what we do.
  • SunTrust
  • Simon, thank you for the first class presentation! Everyone loved it! I found myself nodding in agreement as you spoke. It did exactly what I wanted and people were talking about it and using the diamond analogy all day.
  • Mr. Gary - Consumer Electronics Association

Simon's Blog

Kindness Has No Color
Posted November 16th 2016
Have you ever met someone who is a loner? They are, at best, a socialized introvert and prefer being alone than around peop...

Webinar $7,500.00
Keynote $20,000.00
Full Day $25,000.00
International Keynote $30,000.00
International Full Day $35,000.00
Simon T. Bailey travels from Orlando, FL and requires $1,500 Travel Expense + Hotel Accommodations for one night

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