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Shruthi Lapp

Shruthi Lapp

Marketing Coordinator

Despite the many things which have changed in the years since Premiere came into fruition, one thing remains the same: lasting relationships. We value genuine human connection and the cultivation of this connection is exactly what makes events like The Forum @ Premiere and Premiere University a possibility. 

The Forum and Premiere University are exclusive events to provide Premiere partners and staff with access to world-class thought leaders. At each event, attendees are given an intimate experience with high-profile individuals, authors and newsmakers.”

The most recent Forum featured guests Jenn Lim (creator of first culture book for Zappos), Robert Guest (Foreign Editor for The Economist), Vikram Mansharamani (author of Boombustology, Yale University lecturer), and Chris Bashinelli (TV host of Bridge the Gap). It was a tremendous success! 



We are grateful to be able to consistently interact with world-class speakers face-to-face, thanks to Premiere University, industry conferences and office drop-ins. The Forum @ Premiere is our chance to give our clients the same valuable face-to-face experience. Best of all, it gives the event planner a no-risk chance to experience an event and speaker from an attendee perspective! If you'd like to attend the next Forum @ Premiere, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or check in on the official Forum @ Premiere page to stay in the loop. We hope to see you soon! 

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