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Back to School

By Dan Thurmon
If you could learn anything, what would you choose? How do you get started in the midst of your busy life? You don't have to go away to college to go back to school.This week's video will jumpstart your next adventure in learning! Watch the Video. Listen to the audio. Read the transcript. Are you learning by necessity anda curriculum you select for your life? This week we're back in school in Boston. Well, I'm not back in school but my son is. He just ...
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JP Pawliw Fry on How You Can Beat CEO Disease (Beyond Speaking Podcast)

By J.P. Pawliw-Fry
In this week's episode of the Beyond Speaking Podcast, leadership and performance guruJ.P. Pawliw-Fry (paw-LOO-fry)shares the importance of being an aggressive learner, what it's like working with Doc Rivers, and how to fight CEOdisease. Listen on Premiere's site or download on Apple Podcasts. Show Notes: The internal technology of mindfulness What is your background and what do you do Mindfulness Why did you get into the topic of mindfulness The simple way to ...
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Live Inspired Podcast: Thinking Beyond your Boundaries (Andy Andrews on Monday Moments ep. 159)

By John O'Leary
John O'Leary welcomes back past Live Inspired Podcast guest andNew York Times best-selling author Andy Andrews for Monday Moments. Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our Live Inspired Podcast: Monday Moments segment. Today I welcome back New York Times best-selling author, Andy Andrews to share the inspiration behind his latest book "The Bottom of the Pool," why it took him 20 years to write it, and more. This energetic ...
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A Little Boy Who Could

By John O'Leary
An Invitation to Reach Beyond Your Circumstances "Numbers have life, they are not just symbols on paper." - Shakuntala Devi My friend, the plight of the refugee is both timely and timeless. Often when covered in the news, headlines focus on the sheer number of refugees. Today: 68.5 Million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes worldwide. 44,400 people are forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution every day. 10 million stateless people have neither nationality nor access to ...
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IN STUDIO - Webcast #26 Unlocking the Secrets to Joy (from the world's happiest people) Part 2

By John O'Leary
IN STUDIO -Webcast #26 Unlocking the Secrets to Joy (from the world's happiest people) Part 2 Mark your calendars for our next live Webcast#27: Staring Up At The Clouds on Monday, 7/15 at 10:30 AM CDT! If you are unable to attend live, you can access the video, audio downloads & ongoing discussions here 24/7. […] This post is only available to members. The post IN STUDIO - Webcast #26 Unlocking the Secrets to Joy (from the world's happiest ...
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Daily Inspiration: "Only fools suffer from the sin of complacency!" -

By Jim Carroll
"Only fools suffer from the sin of complacency!" - #Futurist Jim Carroll When the Utah League of Cities and Towns Utah League of Cities and Town, they ran this in the brochure copy: "Jim Carroll's job is to make people feel uncomfortable. Maybe even a bit confused. Just when you think you've got things figured out, Jim probably sees it differently. He has a knack for predicting trends and change and helping business and government leaders see where things are going, and ...
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When We Stop Doing The Things That Made Us Great

By Josh Linkner
Last weekend, I went to one of Detroit's most celebrated Italian restaurants. I'd been years ago and anticipated the same exquisite experience. Known for their impeccable service and inspired dishes, I was expecting them to nail every detail like they had in the past. Yet the very things that made them successful had obviously been significantly diluted. It took 35 minutes for the first splash of wine to reach our glasses. Our server was curt, frazzled, and disorganized. The portions ...
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Daily Inspiration: "#BeTheNorth - The world needs more Canada!"

By Jim Carroll
"#BeTheNorth – The world needs more Canada!" – #Futurist Jim Carroll It's a fun morning to wake up in Canada. Toronto, in fact! We're NBA champions! Go Raptors! I'll admit I didn't make it to the end of the game. But around midnight, out here in the suburbs, I woke up & could hear the cars honking, people cheering. I knew #WeTheNorth had prevailed in Game 6. I don't know if you know, but there were apparently 57 locations across the country with massive 'Jurassic Parks' set ...
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Robert Guest - A Dispatch from the US-China Trade War

By Robert Guest
Article byRobert Guest:Foreign Editor, The Economist, created exclusively for Premiere Speakers Bureau. When I was an intern at a Japanese software firm in Tokyo in the early 1990s, I did not have a mobile phone-they were far too expensive. But the company made me pose with one for photos in a marketing brochure. It wanted to give the impression that it was global, though, in fact, I was the only non-Japanese employee. And it wanted to appear ...
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Four Ways to Build a Short-Term and Transactional Management Culture

By Bruce Tulgan
Attracting, hiring, and retaining the best employees is a lot more complex than it used to be. It's no longer enough for employers to offer the same basic benefits or rely on long-term rewards to keep employees loyal. People today are savvy enough to know that in an uncertain business environment, no long-term reward is ever a certainty. They also know if they can't get the right benefits, salary, or rewards from their current employer, they can almost certainly get ...

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