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Ninive Calegari

  • Co-Founder of 826 National/826 Valencia
  • Founder and CEO of the Teacher Salary Project
  • Co-Producer of American Teacher Documentary

Ninive Calegari is the co-founder, with Dave Eggers, of 826 National, which she helped grow from a local tutoring program into an influential education phenomenon that partners with schools, families, and community organizations across the country. An emphatic speaker, Calegari explores how scalable social projects can have a profound effect on thousands of young lives.

A former ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TEDx: Teachers: A Matter of the Heart
The Jefferson Award
Raising the Bar for Teachers
Ninive Calagari: Boston Public Library
Kory's Story (The Teacher Salary Project)
Speech Topics
  • Time travel, pirate supplies and inspiring young students to love writing

    Ninive Calegari will deliver a delightful and heartwarming speech about how she co-founded (along with Dave Eggers) ... View More

  • A passionate appeal to see teachers as the solution

    With a deep conviction that teaching and our democracy are intrinsically intertwined, Nínive will deliver a ... View More

Ninive's Blog

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