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Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto, Government & Politics, Association, Finance, Business, Leadership, Inspiration, Economic Outlook FNC, fox news, Fox news Channel, host, Interview, NSB Neil Cavuto, Government & Politics, Association, Finance, Business, Leadership, Inspiration, Economic Outlook FNC, fox news, Fox news Channel, host, Interview, NSB
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Neil Cavuto

Premiere Exclusive

Neil Cavuto

Senior VP, Anchor and Managing Editor, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network

About Neil Cavuto

The Wall Street Journal has called him the "best interviewer in broadcast business news." Financial author James Glassman went so far as to write, "the best interviewer on TV, period." And Jon Friedman of MarketWatch, called him "the very soul of the new Fox Business Network."

As senior vice president, anchor and managing editor, Neil Cavuto oversees all business news content for both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. He not only anchors programs on both networks, but has handled breaking ...

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Current Events

Neil analyzes the current events that impact leaders’ decisions and actions. With a pulse on the markets and headlines, Neil uses humor and experience to provide context and analysis.


Presenting the positive in a media environment where only the negative is reported - on the economy, war, markets.

Business in America: Where do we go from here? (And where is here!)

The little guy is not stupid and has been the secret weapon of growth / prosperity since America's early days. Is the sky falling or is this another opportunity for growth in a new era? Mr Cavuto draws from ...

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Neil Cavuto "wowed" our customers at an event we held in Houston. The fact that he gave a balanced view as well as adding his own personal spin helped to spur much debate among our audience that continued until well after Neil had left the building!!!

Pen Robertson - British Telecom

Neil Cavuto was a great addition to our recent event—so much so, in fact, that we are booking him again next year! He is exceedingly personable and easy to work with as well as entertaining and dynamic.

Greg Hayes - Hanson McLain Financial

As a viewer of the Cavuto Report, I have always appreciated Neil's down to earth wisdom, candor, and self deprecating humor, but still had no idea how dynamic and engaging a speaker he would also be in person.

Tom Petrie - Petrie-Parkman & Co.

Your insightful business analysis is appreciated by the Catholic CEOs of Legatus. It is encouraging to hear your Catholic ethical perspective in the public forum, especially in light of the considerable influence you wield in the marketplace.

Kathy Schiffer, Conferences and Programs Coordinator - Legatus
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'All or Nothing' is a Dangerous Game...Especially in Politics

Take it from someone who reports the news. Sometimes you can become the news. Like many television types - for good or ill - I've become somewhat of a fixture in their homes. Not all their homes, and not always a welcome fixture. But enough homes, and I guess for some, enough of a ...

Best Tech Gadgets Used By News Anchor

Written by Jefferson Graham On Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, Neil Cavuto reads and discusses the news and business trends. But would you believe he's also "a geek ... a tech geek." He showed off his gadgets in a recent interview at Fox News here, where we began by discussing his ...

Cavuto Talks Susan Boyle & Capt. Phillips

Over the last week, Scottish singer Susan Boyle and American Captain Richard Phillips have inspired people of all backgrounds and nationalities. Fox News' Neil Cavuto recently said that they were both heroes in their own right and said that everyday heroes are all are us. Watch below: Cavuto can be ...