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Michael McMillan

  • Best-selling author Pink Bat & Paper Airplane
  • World leader in creative thinking
  • Frequent media guest

Michael McMillan's breadth of knowledge and experience, combined with his story-telling ability, make him a much-sought-after speaker, panelist, and consultant. His messages resonate with audiences, leaving them both motivated and committed to embrace a future of endless possibilities.

Michael's reputation for creative thinking and delivering innovative results is well deserved. ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Paper Airplane Video
Pink Bat
Speaking Preview
Speech Topics

    Everywhere you look today, there are problems. What’s scarier yet, is many experts predict there is no end in ... View More

  • Paper Airplane: FLYING OUTSIDE THE BOX

    Sometimes the path to success isn’t a path at all. Based on his best-selling book, Paper Airplane: A lesson for ... View More


    The Blue Angels are considered one of the world’s best performance teams. To say they are above average is an ... View More

  • For Educators: PINK BAT THINKING!

    Turning Problems Into Solutions The problems educators face on a daily basis seem staggering. Talk to ... View More

Text Reviews
  • The goal of our event was to teach the group how to look at things differently. Michael gave example after example of how to do just this and left us with a critical nugget: ‘Think about how you can make your problem your solution.’
  • Jodie McClement - Sr. Communications Manager
  • I truly enjoyed Michael and his perspective during our photo session. We discussed some of the things he brought out during his session while looking for the best picture for risk, success, and enthusiasm.
  • Mary Eggleston - Administrative Support
  • Michael was thought-provoking, insightful, and engaging. His willingness to participate in our sessions during the day after speaking shows his genuine interest and passion for his thinking and philosophy.
  • Mark Jirak - Crop Manager | Syngenta Seed Care

Michael's Blog

Connecting Dots…
FromMusingsNewsletter.Sign upto receive future issues. In his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, Steve Jobs said, "You can't ...

Paper Airplane Video: Creativity,...
A new video based onPaper Airplane: A Lesson for Flying Outside the Box. Whether it's education, business or an...

Innovative Visual Communication 101:...
Inspiration is a cycle. To complete this cycle, it helps to understand the process of making something inspirational. In this v...

Houston, We Have a Solution!
Since my flight to Houston didn't leave until 12:40 PM, I spent the morning packing, answering Emails, reviewing my keynote‚ a...

Seeing Unseen Solutions
I recently closed a speech with this challenge:"You can live each day in a world filled with "problems,"; or rise each morn...

"Pink Bat" Stairs
The following was written by best-selling author and world leader in creative thinking, Michael McMillan. This short video is ...

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