Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins

  • Technology CEO
  • TEDx speaker with 7M+ views
  • Bestselling author of Stop Saying You’re Fine

Mel Robbins is best known for delivering one of the most popular TEDxTalk’s in the world: “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over”. Mel is a powerful keynote speaker who jumps into your audience (literally);; creating motivational experiences with unforgettable engagement, surprising research, vivid imagery, original videos and music.

Mel is a third generation entrepreneur who’s launched ... VIEW MORE

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TEDx: How to stop screwing yourself over
Speech Topics
  • The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Break Through Performance In Your Career & Life

    Three million people have learned the secret to reaching their true potential -now it’s your turn. You are meant to do ... View More

  • FROM SUCCESSFUL TO SATISFIED: How To Become The Leader You Want To Be

    Leaders at every level have to deal with a sobering reality: the world has changed more in the last five years than in ... View More

  • INFLUENCE: The New Rules Of Coaching High Performance Teams

    What does the rise of the “selfie” have to do with developing and managing teams? A lot. The world has changed ... View More

  • HOW WOMEN LEAD: The Exciting New Science Behind Women, Success and Work

    Women may outnumber men in college, graduate schools and the workforce, but we continue to make critical mistakes that ... View More

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Text Reviews
  • It was so great meeting you and getting to work with you on our Corporate Leadership Group Summit. Your high energy presentation really brought our theme of leadership in action to life. Along with valuable insight, you provided attendees with realistic takeaways. In fact, survey results indicated that this year’s summit was one of the best yet, and your presentation, specifically, was hailed as a fantastic way to pull the two days of the summit together. On behalf of everyone at Lincoln Financial, I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to you for your participation and for helping to make the summit a success, and look forward to seeing you at the Women’s Leadership Summit in a few weeks
  • Senior Vice President - Lincoln Financial Group
  • We can't thank you enough for presenting at our 2014 National Conference in Dallas, Texas. Your presentation and personal engagement with our Stylists have made a lasting and significant impact on our entire sales force. Our Stylists walked away feeling empowered, encouraged and eager to build their business, cultivate their leadership skills and dive deep with their own personal development. You have truly inspired our company to reach for new heights – thank you."
  • Veeral Rathod - CEO; J Hilburn

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