Josh Sundquist

Josh Sundquist is a Paralympian and bestselling author who has shared his story at events across the world. His high-energy blend of humor and inspiration motivates audiences to adopt his ski...

Josh Sundquist Halloween

We’ve all seen the slew of viral Halloween costumes that make their way onto the internet each year. We’d like you to meet someone who is taking costume creativity to a level that you’ve probably never seen before: US Amputee Soccer Team member, author and "Halloween enthusiast," Josh Sundquist.


“Laughing at our differences,” “strong in the broken places,” and “believing to lead” are all common themes in the stories and conversations Josh gets to share with people across the country. 

Our Senior Vice President put it into words perfectly. 

Every year Josh Sundquist wows the internet with an unbelievably creative Halloween costume. (If you haven't seen one of Josh's pictures, you should probably get back on the grid.).  But that's really nothing compared to what Josh puts into a speech. I've booked him to speak for many of my top clients, and I always hear the same things- Josh did an incredible amount of homework, he's got great energy, he really connected with our audience.  Whether it's a tech company near Detroit, a financial firm in Florida, or a bank in Fargo, Josh delivers on other days besides Halloween.”

Brian Lord, Senior VP at Premiere Speakers Bureau 

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