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PAST: Pivot, Don't Panic Virtual Presentation

Jon Acuff
May 01, 2020

Jon Acuff

One of INC's Top 100 Leadership Speakers for 2018, New York Times Bestselling Author of Finish and Do Over
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Pivot, Don’t Panic: The Four Investments Smart Teams Rely on During Uncertainty (Virtual Presentation)

Six months ago, “change” was something we all knew we’d need to deal with someday. It was just over the horizon. It was around the corner. We knew it would come, we just didn’t know when and we didn’t know how.

Then the world got flipped upside down.

Change is no longer a topic of conversation for your team, it’s the norm. The new vocabulary. The new reality. The elephant isn’t hiding in the corner of the room now. The elephant is in the entire room. Every team will face a choice. Pivot or panic?

The smart ones will lean into four different investments. They’ll double down on skills, character, relationships, and hustle in intentional ways that bring clarity to chaos. They’ll refocus, rebuild, and relaunch to better serve their community. They’ll emerge with new tools and a new direction.

Why? Because a crisis is a classroom. It’s an invitation to innovation you might not have planned for but definitely need.

Join New York Times Bestselling author Jon Acuff as he shares practical steps and inspiring insights to help your team navigate this brave new world. We all get to make a choice. Every day our team members and our communities are counting on us to make the right one.

Pivot, don’t panic.

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