Doc Hendley, College & University, Something Different, TED making a difference

Doc Hendley

  • Founder and President of Wine To Water
  • Humanitarian
  • CNN Hero

Hendley calls himself proof that anyone, even a “tattooed keg-tapper”, can cure what ails the world.

“I hereby proclaim November 5th, 2009 as Doc Hendley day.”

When these words were spoken by Dr. Jim Woodward, Chancellor of NC State University, thunderous applause echoed through the crowd and a humble, grateful smile flashed across Doc Hendley’s face.

Doc Hendley is the epitome of the ... VIEW MORE

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Video: Doc Hendley CNN
Skype Interview with Doc Hendley
TEDx: Extraordinarily Ordinary
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Speech Topics
  • Digging for Hope: Turning Wine to Water & Other Modern Day Miracles

    His presentations are customized to each event. * teaches us to do what we can with what we have * illustrates the ... View More

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Text Reviews
  • He takes you on an emotional journey to communities whose living conditions are unimaginable to most of us. His ability share his vision, passion, commitment and excitement for his global mission has ignited a flame of passion in our membership as well.
  • Carol Owen, VP - Site Southeast
  • Doc is a fantastic person. His humility and dedication to making the world a better place is contagious for children and adults. His colorful and human stories of Africa and his work kept these youngsters captivated. I enthusiastically recommend him.
  • Scott Brogan, Founding Director - Brilliant Lecture Series - Conversations with Brilliance

Doc's Blog

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Posted January 30th 2014
Acclaimed photographer, John Russo, recently compiled a book titled "100 Making A Difference" that focuses on 100 different p...

The Importance Finding Your True...
Posted June 15th 2012
Skype Interview with Premiere Vice President,Ryan Giffen. Doc did not dream of dedicating his life to humanitari...

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Doc Hendley travels from Boone, NC and requires 1500 flat travel + up to 2 nights hotel & meals for 1

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