This morning I googled “hope,”looking for the perfect image to accompany this post.Instead, I found myriad counterfeit hope-bearers – everything from pictures of stone angels to psychological diagrams to the well-intended“trust yourself” types of inspo statements that are so ubiquitous today,...


In working with family-owned businesses for several years now, I’ve seen one pattern of relating that consistently doesn’t work over the long term. In many families there is a mantra that dictates the family members’ behavior, and that can carry over to the business as well. It is: “Now let’s all...

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Fair may not feel equal

By Hal Runkel, Posted September 20th 2016


Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.
(H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

The term “fair” has been thrown around so much (particularly by children) I think we’ve lost sight of what it really means. To exude fairness is to be without bias or dishonesty, and to be...


Let’s face it. We’re all guilty of saying things to our kids that we’d give anything to take back. And worse, many of us have yelled nasty things too. So is there anything we can do to make up for hurting our kids this way? Yes. Let’s take a look at how to make amends.

Own the Guilt. One of the...

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The Greatest Enemy of Every Marriage

By Mark Merrill, Posted September 19th 2016


What is the opposite of Love? If you saidHate, well, I hate to disagree with you, butI’m convinced that the opposite of love is reallyselfishness. And in marriage, selfishness often makes you the worst threat to your marriage.

Consider these truths about selfishness:

  • When selfishness has a seat at...

Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL and author of “American Sniper,” who was killed Saturday, was a friend of ours. His death is yet another loss for the special operations community which we’ve served for more than 30 years. Hearts are broken. Anger is reignited. Traumatic memories are triggered. Our wounds...

In a day and age when many professional athletes succumb to lust and the pressure of sexual temptation, former NFL Player and Super Bowl-winning tight end Ben Utecht says he wore a wedding band even before he was married to guard against the temptation of sexual sin.

Utecht, the son of a...


I know you travel a lot. So do I…. and I hate it! How do you stay so positive in the drudgery of your work trips? —Mary N.

Mary, here are 10 things I try to do every time I travel:

  1. Eat healthier on the road.

  2. Don’t watchtelevision in your hotel room.

  3. Lower your alcohol consumption.

  4. Get TSA...


I began my career at the age of 9, picking up rocks on a farm in a Mennonite community. Today, I make movies. On paper, I have no business ending up in the film industry, but God once spoke to me in a wheat field, and here I am. Really.

My father was a Mennonite Brethren preacher in a small town...

I remember the day I decided to finally write a book. I got out my antiquated laptop and Googled, “How to Write a Book”. One of the results said to write a blog and build a following. So I Googled, “How to Write a Blog”. I’m not even kidding.


I sometimes laugh at how much I didn’t know. But you...