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January 28, 2014
Erik Wahl Releases New 2014 Demo Reel
By Erik Wahl
Erik Wahl is an artist, author, entrepreneur, and visionary. He is internationally recognized as a graffiti artist and one of today's most sought after speakers on the corporate lecture circuit. His ...
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January 23, 2014
Is Gov. Mike Huckabee Eyeing a 2016 Presidential Bid?
By Gov Mike Huckabee
Written by Rebecca Kaplan When members of the Republican National Committee gather for lunch Thursday at their annual winter meeting, they'll dine with a person who hasn't been an active ...
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January 23, 2014
The Five Rs of an Effective Briefing
By Anthony Bourke
In the first segment of this three-part series of articles, we learned that fighter pilots and meeting planners have much more in common than most people would imagine. Both work in high-speed, ...
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January 20, 2014
Time for Washington to speak the language of the American people
By Scott Rasmussen
Like toddlers who believe they are the center of the universe, many in official Washington whine about the fact the American people don't devote more time to studying ...
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January 20, 2014
Secret Service Agent Gives Diguise Tips
By Tony & Jonna Mendez
Former Secret Service Agent, Jonna Mendez, gives disguise tips to Fox News for quickly hiding in plain site. Jonna, wife of Tony Mendez, focused part of her career on disguises and aided other agents ...
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January 16, 2014
Years After Idol, Scott MacIntyre Continues to Inspire
By Scott MacIntyre
Written by Mark Wilson Four years after competing on American Idol, Scott MacIntyre travels the country, playing the piano, singing, ...
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January 16, 2014
Make Your Book A Bestseller: Platform Building Tips From Michael Hyatt
By Michael Hyatt
Written by Dorie Clark How can you make your book a bestseller? A good person to ask would be Michael Hyatt, whose 2012 book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World ...
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January 15, 2014
Oscar-Winning Producer Joins Dinesh D'Souza's Next Film
By Dinesh D'Souza
Written by Paul Bond Gray Frederickson will co-produce "America," the follow-up to "2016: Obama's America," along with Gerald Molen, who also won an Oscar for ...
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January 15, 2014
Making Mortgages Sustainable
By Michelle Singletary
It seems so basic - require mortgage lenders to qualify borrowers based on their ability to repay the loan. Yet this wasn't the case for many mortgages in the run-up to the housing crisis contributing to ...
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January 14, 2014
Michael Reagan to Speak During Murrieta Campaign Event
By Michael Reagan
On the 33rd anniversary of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's inauguration, his son, Michael Reagan, will be speaking at an event in Murrieta. Written by Maggie Avants Reagan is ...

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