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October 28, 2013
Eliminating Your Obstacles
By Ruben Gonzalez
Success is simple but not easy. Most people allow fear of failure to keep them from even attempting to pursue their dreams. They don't understand that failure is part of the price of success. You need to expect ...
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October 25, 2013
Mark Levin Headlines Leadership Institute's Free Think U Conservatism Course
By Mark Levin
Americans have lately been confronted with everything from media to marches representing opposing views of the U.S. Constitution and its importance. Radio host and ...
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October 25, 2013
Fear of another shutdown has many trying to prepare just in case
By Michelle Singletary
The shutdown of the federal government affected many people's lives. Anyone even partially dependent on government work has cause to be worried, despite promises from ...
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October 24, 2013
Rick And Bubba Show Raise $887,000 For World Vision Charity
By Rick & Bubba
SYNDICATED SOLUTIONS morning show THE RICK AND BUBBA SHOW had a successful two-day Broadcast-A-Thon with humanitarian charity WORLD VISION. It was the 5th straight year they've ...
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October 24, 2013
'American Idol' Alum Scott MacIntyre Talks Health Woes, Power of Faith, Upcoming Album
By Scott MacIntyre
CP Insider: 'American Idol' Alum Scott MacIntyre Opens Up About Kidney Failure, Power of Faith "American Idol" alum Scott MacIntyre recently praised God ...
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October 23, 2013
Agent recounts JFK assassination horror
By Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin
Former Secret Service agent Clint Hill tells an audience in Altamont the story of how a Marine colonel taught John Kennedy Jr. to salute on the day of his father's funeral.Those old enough to remember ...
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October 18, 2013
Beth Holloway Seeks Justice for her Daughter
By Beth Holloway
Written by Melody Brumble Even when Beth Holloway realized her daughter Natalee was dead, she didn't give up hope.Beth's search for answers about Natalee's disappearance during a school trip to ...
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October 17, 2013
Elizabeth Smart's "My Story" Reaches #5 on NYT Bestsellers List
By Elizabeth Smart
We at Premiere are thrilled to announce that "My Story" by Elizabeth Smart has reached #5 on the New York Times Bestsellers list. The book was released October 8. About the ...
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October 17, 2013
Measuring Your Progress
By Ruben Gonzalez
As you set goals and beginworking towards them, it is critical that youestablish benchmarks you can use to evaluateyour progress. The more specific your measuresare, the faster you'll reach your goals ...
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October 16, 2013
What Michelangelo Can Teach Us about Innovation and Competition
By Daniel Burrus
On a recent trip to Italy I had the opportunity to visit both Florence and Rome, and to see the work of some of history's greatest artists, including Michelangelo. In ...

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