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A basic flaw in the argument against affirmative action

By Ted Dintersmith
By Valerie Strauss A panel of judges from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a ruling saying that the University of Texas can continue to use race as one factor in undergraduate admissions decisions in an effort to create a diverse student body. The judges were ruling in the high-profile case of a white Texas resident named Abigail Fisher, who had sued the school after being denied admission to UT Austin alleging that she was a victim of reverse discrimination. ...
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News and Reviews on Kim Bearden's Book "Crash Course"

By Kim Bearden
Over the last several days, we've been flooded with news articles and reviews regarding one of our exclusive speakers, Kim Bearden's, new book release, "Crash Course: The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me," including its recent #1 spot on Amazon's Best-Selling Kindle list. It has been inspiring and thrilling to read the impact of Bearden's hard work and commitment, and we are honored to share some of the rave reviews with you. Katie King, a 2nd grade teacher from South ...
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Richard Branson on the Right Way to Multitask

By Richard Branson
Editor's Note: Entrepreneur Richard Branson regularly shares his business experience and advice with readers. Q: Is it sensible or practical to work on several different ideas at once, or is it better to perfect one at a time? --Qurat, Islamabad, Pakistan You've asked an interesting question, Qurat, since there are pluses and minuses to each approach. When you launch your first enterprise, you have to learn so much on the job, and so quickly, that concentrating on one project with a ...
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No Quick Fix for Those Deep in Debt

By Michelle Singletary
Many people who are deeply in debt are desperate for a quick fix. They ask the question: What can I do to get out of debt?But they aren't willing to accept the answer I give them, which is that it takes time. And discipline. And sacrifice. It takes cutting your expenses or working more, or both. They want different answers because they can't handle the truth. So, many people turn to debt-settlement companies that promise salvation. The companies assure a speedier route to financial freedom. ...
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Co-Founder of The Ron Clark Academy Discusses New Book

By Kim Bearden
We are so excited to see Kim Bearden on The Cycle show recently. The co-founder of the Ron Clark Academy, a school leading the way in middle school education, joins the show to discuss her new book, "Crash Course."; Biography Kim Bearden - Ron Clark Academy co-founder, executive director and language arts teacher - is an award-winning educator of almost thirty years. Her unique combination of innovation, discipline and creativity transform average classrooms to remarkable ...
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Can Self-Confidence Delude You?

By Shar McBee
John knows he is right. He is smart. His behavior is upright. He has good intentions. Then everything suddenly collapsed. Because he felt he was in the right, he continued on his way proud and unconcerned. Not only did John's whole "empire" collapse, so did the people who had supported him. John was a banker, but I have seen the same scenario play out in nonprofit leadership at large international organizations and local Girl Scout troops. The circumstances did not cause John's downfall. His arrogance did ...
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How to Give Whatever it Takes for Your Passion

By Ruben Gonzalez
Why do some people pursue their dreams whileothers bury their dreams?It comes down to belief and desire. Whether youbelieve it's possible, whether you believe YOU cando it, and whether you want the dream enough todo whatever it takes.Let's say you believe it's possible and you thinkthere's a good chance you can pull it off ... now,what steps do you need to take to make it happen?Step number one is the willingness to take the risk.Many people are able but few are willing. You see,you ...
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How To Put The Right Foot On The Corporate Ladder

By Michelle Singletary
Across the country this summer, young adults fresh out of college are starting their careers. Many will find the job isn't just about the work they will be doing. Anyone with an office job knows there's so much you have to deal with - some of which can hinder a career. Make the wrong move or say the wrong thing and you can fall off the corporate ladder you've only just begun to climb. Eighty percent of 2014 college graduates expect their first employers to provide a formal ...
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Matthew Sandusky Shares Untold Story of His Childhood With Oprah

By Matthew Sandusky
Oprah speaks exclusively with Matthew Sandusky, the adopted son of former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, who tells the untold story of his childhood sexual abuse. In his first television interview since Jerry's 2012 conviction on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, Matthew reveals never-before-heard details of the sexual abuse he experienced as a child at the hands of his adopted father, and why he is ...
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'All or Nothing' is a Dangerous Game...Especially in Politics

By Neil Cavuto
Take it from someone who reports the news. Sometimes you can become the news. Like many television types - for good or ill - I've become somewhat of a fixture in their homes. Not all their homes, and not always a welcome fixture. But enough homes, and I guess for some, enough of a fixture, that my views are routinely parsed and my interviews quite often dissected. Over the years I've been called everything from a clueless right-wing shill to and an equally clueless liberal ...

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