Over the past few months, I have been happily working withparentsfrom around the globe especially regarding their stubborn children. One of the moms, Maggie, explained her daughter to me like this: My daughter just refuses to do certain things. One day, she’ll stamp her feet and not budge to go...

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While fiscal cliff fears are declining and job growth continues to stabilize in 2013, with unemployment still hovering near 8 percent and half or more of recent college graduates out of work, modern professionals and job seekers should be equally aware: it's still...

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) –Robert Griffin III is not only taking the National Football League by storm, but the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback is already building himself a brand in the mold of Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Peyton Manning.

To say Griffin’s play has been superb to date is...

Keni brings Christmas Cheer to Troops

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What can you say when there are no words?

We are all reeling today in the aftermath of the school shootings in Connecticut. I, for one, feel leveled and heartbroken; it is impossible to imagine the impact on the families who lost children, those whose children...

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40 Quick Tips for Speakers

By Scott Stratten, Posted December 13th 2012

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I’ve done the “speak for free to five people in a room that holds 100″ thing (proof), I’ve been paid keynote fee’s and everything in between, I figured it was time to share what I’ve learned.

Scott Speaking1. Don’t be a “speaker”. Be an expert who speaks. Speakers are a “nice to have...

The Government Class vs the American Private Sector Worker.

" We are a Nation that has a Government not the other way around." Ronald Reagan

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Nike Game Changer Dr. Erez Morag is an innovation expert based in Israel. Dr. Morag speaks widely around the world, inspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and students to use sport science principles to enhance their businesses. In this...

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The Art of Ironman Success [Interview]

By Mark Allen, Posted December 12th 2012

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Six Time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Mark Allen, shares his principles that enabled him to turn adversity into success. He was recently awarded the highest ranking any speaker ever receives from Northwestern Financial Network for a keynote...

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Lisa McCubbin and Clint Hill, a former Secret Service agent who once watched over the Kennedy family, watch as the wreaths are placed on the graves.

Clint Hill and I have traveled extensively this past year, and here is what I have learned — nothing beats the hospitality and sincerity of small town America. Our last three stops have been in Minot, North Dakota; Steubenville, Ohio: and finally, on December 6,...