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Afterburner Inc

  • Elite team of military and business leaders
  • Flawless Execution Model training
  • Trainers to 100 of Fortune 500 companies

Afterburner trains global organizations to accelerate their performance and ensure a higher success rate for their strategic objectives. Afterburner's full client list includes more than 150 US Fortune 500 companies. Over 1.7 million business leaders have experienced an Afterburner program and rated their experience an average of 9.2 out of 10. Afterburner specializes in strategic and ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Introduction to Flawless Execution
Afterburner Overview
Afterburner Day
Speech Topics
  • Flawless Execution

    In this session, your group will learn how fighter pilots achieve their missions in both training and combat. This ... View More

  • Team Building

    Afterburner Day A half-day interactive training program that exposes your team to the Flawless ExecutionSM Cycle ... View More


    The Rapid Planning Workshop can be added to any Keynote or Afterburner Day. Participants will take away how to develop ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Afterburner is an outstanding program to help focus a diverse team around a common objective and drive towards a plan of attack that everyone agrees with.
  • Cisco Systems
  • My colleagues and I were not only impressed with your creativity and professionalism during the speaker segments, but also how relevant and educational the breakout sessions proved to be. We look forward to carrying this knowledge into our business at Ame
  • Strategic Planning Group - American Express
  • The Afterburners team obviously spent an incredible amount of prep time getting to know our business and our competition. This enabled them to walk and speak our language, which earned instant credibility with our senior leadership team.
  • VP, Leadership Development - Bank of America

Afterburner's Blog

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The REAL Captain of the Enterprise's...
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Five Characteristics of Flawlessly...
Afterburner is a elite team of military and business leaders who excel in helping organizations learn to work more efficientl...

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Afterburner Inc travels from Atlanta, GA and requires Coach Class Air Fare, ground transportation, lodging and $80 per diem

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