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Adam Dovico

Adam Dovico classroom, Ron Clark Academy, inside the trenches, student engagement, instructional practice Adam Dovico classroom, Ron Clark Academy, inside the trenches, student engagement, instructional practice
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Adam Dovico

The Limitless School: Creative Ways to Solve the Culture Puzzle

About Adam Dovico

Adam is an accomplished teacher, principal, college professor, author, and speaker who has spent his career working with schools and educators across the country on building school culture, engaging students, and figuring out what you can do for kids! He spent the early part of his career in North Carolina as an elementary school teacher in both rural and urban settings. From there, he had the opportunity to teach at the renowned Ron Clark Academy (RCA) in Atlanta. In addition to teaching at RCA, ...

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Debate Like a Champ (K-12)

Public speaking is often noted as one of the most feared and despised skill for many students. Adults who struggle with this skill often point to negative experiences growing up for the lack of ability to ...

Break the Script (K-12)

There is a certain expectation that we have for what school "should look like." It comes from tradition, experience, and fear to change the status quo. See what school can look like when new leadership dares ...

Houses for You (K-12)

All schools like to express that they are "a family," but what does that actually look like in a school? As a former teacher and director of school implementation at the Ron Clark Academy, Adam Dovico has ...

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Inside the Trenches: An Educator's Guide for What You CAN Do in the Classroom by Adam Dovico
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I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at Mata Intermediate in Houston. I have been teaching for 22 years and have listened to many speakers talking about what you talked about but never have I been as impressed about what you had to say and how you said it. Your enthusiasm is contagious. The next day I found myself using many of the strategies and ideas you talked about. I think it is a great testament to your training at RCA and your personal passion to teaching students.

Henry M. Lopez - Mata Intermediate

We were fortunate to work with Adam Dovico during the planning stages of our school in July of this past year and were pleased to have him return to the Academy this week for model lessons and feedback … Please be reminded that you are having an impact beyond the walls of RCA, and Adam’s great skill and work is an example of your influence.

Kevin Wheat, Principal - Allen Jay Prep Academy

Thank you so much for the wonderful inservice on Friday. I have been inspired. I know that you met tons of us, I spoke with you before the inservice began (west coast girl, played volleyball, etc). I love your enthusiasm and passion. It was contagious. Today is a great Monday, and I am going to share my love of science with my students.

Sheena Jensen - Wichita South High School

AAAWWWWSOME! That is the best way to describe the experience that Adam Dovico created on the first day of RCA at Little Mill Middle School! Truthfully, that describes the interaction I have had with Adam from the start. I contacted Adam late in the spring with extremely tight parameters regarding bringing RCA to our school, and was met with the utmost in professionalism and personalized attention as well as timely follow through. This has continued throughout the entire process.

Little Mill Middle School

Teachers have already begun trying to apply new ideas to their classes as a result of the demos and workshops given by Adam. I am visiting classrooms with a new lens and a stronger confidence about what to expect from teachers and students.

Macris School, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I have noticed how teachers are more willing and less shy about doing something different just to make sure they get their students’ attention. It was an absolute honor having Adam here in our school and I am looking forward to his return visit in the future.

Michael Peabody, High School Principal
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Making a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. First Impression

To succeed in life and careers, students need to be able to confidently communicate with people face-to-face. You're standing at your classroom door in the morning as students enter. One by one they pass you, many ...