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A philosopher of life, Yossi Ghinsberg is a man of passion, fixed resolve and a connector of people. He believes that nothing promotes growth more than an unexpected experience and unconventional thinking. In these times of great challenge and change, his "Power to Survive" message is timely.

Ghinsberg was born and raised in Israel and served three years in the Israeli navy on the ... VIEW MORE

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The Jungle Stage
Jungle Trailer
Busting the Myth of Survival
The WEvolution Revolution
Beyond Speaking Interview
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Speech Topics
  • Bringing Amazon Survival Skills to Business

    Yossi’s ‘Amazon Survival Skills for Business’ is a mesmerizing storytelling session that will keep audiences ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Yossi is a bodhisattva—calm, serene and compassionate. . . . He weaves the lessons in with the narrative to create an amazing presentation and exudes real wisdom and grace. I can say honestly he was the fan favorite.
  • Heather Sullivan-Bodington - Polaris Media
  • Many people have commented to me how moved they were by Yossi's amazing story, by his honesty, humility and the courage he showed us by sharing the impact his journey had on him as a human being. I am honored to have met Yossi and to have had the privilege of creating, through him, a profound experience for the audience.
  • Anne Manson - CI Investments
  • Wow! Yossi's talk was full of suspense, inspiration and elicited many emotions from our audience.
  • Sharon Carty - Mackenzie Financial

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