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Over the years I've been to many training classes and heard plenty of speakers - both motivational and industry related. None have come close to bringing the positive energy Wally brings from the main stage. I believe the key is in his message. The fact that it applies to life, not just HVAC, is the difference maker. Add in Wally's energy and passion and the results are awesome.
Dan Beno, President - Auer Steel & Heating Supply Company
I have never seen one person hold the undivided attention of thousands of people at one time. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime inspirational event Weldon's Power of Consistency Sales Program gave all of our attendees specific tools to use immediately in the field. Combining his motivational speaking and powerful sales training program was the perfect mixture for our annual sales convention.
James Schwartz, Senior Marketing Director - World Financial Group
I have worked with the best in the business for many years, and I must confess that I have never seen anything like your story and the impact it has on my audiences. Your message provides unprecedented value to our clients.
Dave Behr, President - Competitive Edge Seminars
We wanted someone who could illustrate leadership in a very real-world way to the business professionals attending our event. In retrospect, there was no better choice for us than Weldon Long.
Dennis Kellogg - Leadership Hastings
I first met Weldon Long when I hired him to speak to and train my sales and service team in Denver, CO May of 2008. Since that time, I have hired him three other times at two different locations. Weldon has proven to be a wonderful resource.
Patrick O'Donnell, Branch Manager - Patterson Dental
Finally, Weldon has shared the stage with Dr. Stephen R. Covey in a high level, professional workshop. We found him to be articulate, motivating, and inspiring. Personally, I believe we could not have contracted for a better keynote speaker to augment Dr. Covey's message.
Jeff Carney, Area Director - Franklin Covey