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Watts Wacker

Watts Wacker NSB Watts Wacker NSB

Watts Wacker Speech Topics

Business Subjects
Including topics: Leadership, Strategy, People management, Creativity and innovation, Execution, Communications
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Economics Agenda
Including topics: Value and wealth creation, Economic theory, Application of "new" business models to your business, Globalization
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Governance Agenda
Including topics: Globalization, Liberal democracy, Geo-politics, Policy issues, Military issues
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Technology Agenda
Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, Telecommunications,Information technology, Telematics, Bio/genome or "pharmacogenomics", Ethics and technology, Nano-science, The history and the future of physics, Biologic metaphor and its transfer to business and life, Quantum technology
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The Consumer Agenda
Including topics: Lifestyles, Retailing, Value chain, New products and services, Media consumption, Advertising, Promotion, Public relations, Relationship management
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The Social Agenda
Including topics: Leisure, Nature of families, Work, Nature of community, Social trends, Children, The search for values, Aging, More generations living on earth, The definition of culture, Globalization of culture, Art and design, Science, Philosophy, The "media-centric" life, Institutional...
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