Watson Scott Swail

Watson Scott Swail


DR. WATSON SCOTT SWAIL brings a quarter century of life in education to his speaking appearances. From his earliest teaching experiences in Winnipeg, Canada, to his leadership at the Washington, DC-based Educational Policy Institute, Swail offers perspectives on educational issues tailored to his audiences. His keynotes and workshops are interesting, lively, and engaging.


Speech Topics
  • Fixing Our Schools: Reforming Our Reform Agenda

    The US has been on a educational reform track for the past 50 years, starting with the Civil Rights Act and ... View More

  • The Higher Education Arms Race: How Much is Enough?

    With the President of the United States and major philanthropies pushing for more higher education, it is ... View More

  • Understanding the ROI of Education

    What are the true returns to education? Is it worth the cost? Or have we come to a point where the cost is too ... View More

  • The Affordability of Higher Education

    With college tuition and fees continuing to sky rocket over twice the rate of inflation, Dr. Swail discusses ... View More

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