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The Morality of Competence…It’s More Than Just Being Qualified To Do Your Job.
In this presentation, General Vincent Boles develops the concept for teams and leaders that “Competence” is more than an ideal to aspire to or, a nice to have trait to possess. It is, in fact, a requirement that leaders have to instill in their team and ensure that the required level of...
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4-3-2-1 Leadership....Tools You Can Use Now!
Leaders today don’t require “help” that sounds good in a PowerPoint presentation and fades under the heat and pressure of reality. They need tools that hold up when the stakes are high so that they can be better practitioners of their leadership craft. Using his 33 years of experience in leading...
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Leading In A Crisis: Tough Times don’t Build Character...They Reveal It!
6 weeks before the attacks of September 11, 2001, Major General Boles was a Colonel waiting to pin on his first star and assume the leadership of the Army’s Field Support Command. On 9-11 the unit’s focus went from planning to executing contingencies on a 24/7 basis that none had foreseen. You...
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In Times Like These Leaders Need to Remember, There have Always Been “Times Like These”
Today, leaders face situations where the heat is high, the pressure is on and the outcome is uncertain. But this is not the first series of tough challenges our nation has faced. It may be the first time this generation of leaders has faced tough challenges. Using the latter half of the 20th...
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Leveraging The Links In Your Supply Chain
Drawing on his 33 years as a career Soldier and logistician at every level, Major General Boles will walk through the links in the worlds largest and most complex supply chain from the port to the Pentagon and highlight 4 critical issues that will snag/kink your supply chain: - Standards you use....
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